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Streamline property management and accounting with cost-effective rental property management software for small to mid-size portfolios. Access your information in one user-friendly platform from anywhere you have an internet connection. Genesis2 supports many property types.


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Residential property management software
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Residential Property Management

Go mobile and drive your business with automated reporting, optimized accounting and improved maintenance for residential properties.

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Market your properties, screen applicants, offer renters insurance and provide easy payment methods for your residents with these optional smart additions:

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Commercial Property Management

Manage retail, office and industrial properties using a solution that combines accounting tools with detailed reporting and quick CAM reconciliations.

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Power your online marketing and offer tenants best-in-class services with these optional smart additions:

Commercial, office, industrial and retail property management software

Wanda Cebulla

Del Mar Property Management

"Today’s renters are more sophisticated, and Genesis2 allows us to keep up with their needs."
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Affordable Property Management

Ensure compliance for affordable housing. Get cloud-based tools to help you track compliance, manage your properties and oversee financial information.

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Reduce risk and offer affordable housing residents best-in-class services with these optional smart additions:

Affordable housing management software
Condo, HOA and strata property management software
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Condo & HOA Management

Track ownership and charges, calculate fees, collect payments, monitor maintenance, enforce bylaws and reduce manual processing errors.

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Improve document processing, reduce paper waste and provide enhanced resident services with these optional smart additions:

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Self Storage Management

Experience the future of self storage management software. Enjoy all-in-one functionality for operations, accounting, maintenance, leasing and more.

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Showcase your properties and provide enhanced services for tenants with these optional smart additions:

Self storage property management software