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RentCafe Social Housing

A modern solution to social housing waitlist & resident management

Automate applications, gain efficiency and ensure compliance with province-specific program requirements. Reduce costs with online workflows and provide 24/7 web access to applicants and residents.

RentCafe Social Housing

Simplify Applications

Make the waitlist and intake review process easier for applicants. Replace paperwork with online forms that are more convenient to complete and faster to review for social housing staff.

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Maximize Efficiency

Reduce time spent on face-to-face meetings between staff and applicants. With RentCafe Social Housing, applicants can log in anytime, anywhere to complete their forms, review their status and make updates.

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Streamline Compliance

Automate the application review, qualification and annual or interim review processes for increased transparency and consistent decision making. Reduce human errors and increase reporting accuracy.

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Reduce Paper & Storage Costs

Help applicants securely upload all required documents to RentCafe Social Housing and avoid unnecessary trips to your office. Electronic applications eliminate the cost and risk of storing physical files.


Strengthen Your Online Presence

Increase applicant engagement and interactions with the help of dynamic property marketing websites. Enjoy appealing, content-rich designs and easy-to-use features.

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Connect Processes

Integration between RentCafe Social Housing and Yardi Voyager Social Housing eliminates the need to re-key information once an applicant becomes a resident. Information flows seamlessly to Voyager without complicated interfaces or duplicate data entry.

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