Yardi Files Lawsuit against Property Solutions to Protect Its Intellectual Property and Responds to Property Solutions Press Release


SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., Nov. 4, 2013 – On October 21, 2013, Yardi Systems, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Property Solutions International, Inc. The lawsuit alleges that Property Solutions infringed on Yardi’s copyrights, misappropriated Yardi’s trade secrets, and intentionally interfered with certain of Yardi’s customer contracts. The lawsuit was filed because we believe Property Solutions exploited its relationship with our customers and improperly and without authorization accessed and copied our Voyager® software.

Some customers who use both Yardi and Property Solutions software have asked us how this lawsuit will impact them. It is not, and has never been, Yardi’s intention to disrupt the business of any customer. While Yardi cannot control how Property Solutions responds, this lawsuit was filed with the singular goal of protecting Yardi’s intellectual property rights.

On October 23, 2013, Property Solutions issued a press release responding to the lawsuit. In its release, Property Solutions claimed, among other things, that Yardi’s goal is to prevent third party software from integrating with Yardi software. Contrary to what Property Solutions wrote, Yardi maintains a collaborative relationship with third-party software vendors and competitors—including Property Solutions—which Yardi plans to continue.

Property Solutions also pledged in its press release to move ahead vigorously with its Entrata™ software and invited potential customers to compare it first-hand with other industry software. Yardi has long embraced fair competition in the marketplace and welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate Yardi software for potential customers so they can compare Yardi products with what others have to offer.

When Yardi is the target of aggressive marketing, we are content to let our software speak for itself. But Yardi responds vigorously to protect its intellectual property rights. That is what this lawsuit is about.

A copy of Yardi’s lawsuit against Property Solutions is available on-line here.

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