Yardi Energy Solutions Expands Utility Management Options for Multifamily Properties


SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., June 1, 2011 – Yardi announced today that Yardi Energy Solutions™ has been expanded to offer a significantly enhanced suite of utility billing management products and services to multifamily property managers.

Yardi has complemented its highly successful utility billing service with energy management and analytics service offerings, as well as meter installation and maintenance. As part of the Yardi Multifamily Suite™, Yardi Energy Solutions includes submetering and ratio utility billing systems; portfolio, regional and property dashboard reporting; vacant cost recovery; cost and consumption analytics, budget reporting; and online payment processing. Yardi Energy Solutions also offers enhanced quality assurance reporting and analysis to validate billing accuracy. All calculations, allocations, billing and analysis can be performed directly in the multifamily manager’s Yardi Voyager™ platform. Utility invoice processing features Yardi PAYscan™ integration.

Services for Yardi Energy Solutions, which include utility meter installations, ongoing system maintenance and leak detection, are provided by YES Energy Management in Colorado Springs, Colo. To assist Yardi Energy Solutions clients, YES Energy Management established a dedicated team of specialists that can be accessed with a 24/7 “live” call center service.

“Yardi Energy Solutions performs the entire utility allocation and billing process within Voyager. The benefit comes from letting site managers spend more time on their core leasing and property management functions rather than on collecting utility payments,” said Missy Castaneda, regional manager for Sumner, Wash.-based Investco Financial Corporation.

“By integrating Voyager and Yardi Energy Solutions, we save at least 30 hours of staff time and $4,500 monthly at one of our communities for bill processing, report preparation, and other tasks,” said Dan Gavin, vice president of Cirrus Asset Management Inc. in Calabasas, Calif.

To meet the requirements of Yardi Energy Solutions, YES Energy Management expanded its field technician staff and added a full-time regulatory compliance department and a team of utility invoice auditors. A new facility in Colorado Springs provides professional training for both clients and employees.

“Our recent changes are part of a strategy to create products and services that meet our clients’ needs and advance the utility billing and management industry. Other steps include assuming leadership roles in the Utility Management and Conservation Association and the Utility Conversation Coalition. We also advise the U.S. military service branches on utility management,” said Martin Levkus, general manager of YES Energy Management.

About Yardi

Yardi Systems has been committed to the design, development and support of real estate investment management and property management software for nearly 30 years. With its Yardi Multifamily Suite™, Yardi Commercial Suite™ and Yardi Investment Suite™, the Yardi Voyager™ system is the most comprehensive single real estate management platform on the market today. Yardi serves clients around the world from offices in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. More information about Yardi products and services is available at www.yardi.com.

About YES Energy Management
YES Energy Management (formerly known as Energy Billing Systems Inc.), founded in 1981 and based in Colorado Springs, Colo., is the pioneer in utility management services in the U.S. and provides the multifamily industry with a one-stop solution through turn-key installation of gas, electric and water submetering and energy allocation equipment. The scope of YES Energy Management’s expertise includes ratio utility billing system, submeter servicing, meter reading and cost allocations. EBS also has installed more than 30,000 meters in privatized military family housing developments across the U.S. For more information, visit www.yesenergymanagement.com.

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