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RentCafe Helps LCOR Broaden Marketing


Multifamily company reports smoother prospect workflow, enhanced reporting functionality

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., Jan. 26, 2012 LCOR Inc., a real estate investment and development company, is drawing prospects to its multifamily properties with RentCafe, an Internet listing service that provides property listings, availability, photos and floor plans to prospective renters.

“We initially used another Internet listing service. Then we saw that RentCafe offers so much more functionality than any other ILS,” said Dave Wise, director of information services for LCOR, which adopted RentCafe in the spring of 2011. “RentCafe not only brings in prospects, it also makes the prospect workflow much smoother because it sends the prospects directly into our Voyager database. It gives us market comparison reports, saving us the trouble of doing the research ourselves and preparing handwritten reports. It makes it much easier for us to contact a prospect quickly.”

Wise added, “I asked the Yardi team to get us on RentCafe as soon as possible, and before I knew it they had almost all of our properties live. When we went live they put on training sessions for all of our property managers. The level of support that RENT Café gives us equals that which we receive for the other Yardi products that we rely on, including Yardi Voyager™, Yardi CHECKscan™, Yardi Portal™ and Yardi Cloud Services™.”

RentCafe uniquely integrates with Yardi Voyager so that leads are automatically entered as Yardi Voyager guest cards. Property managers pay fees only when a lease is executed, eliminating upfront costs. RentCafe also offers professional photography of properties and units. is compatible with mobile devices including BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Droid, and Windows Phone 7. A popular iPhone application is also available in the iTunes Store.

RentCafe hosted nearly 101,000 visits, including approximately 77,000 unique visits, in 2011 and delivered more than 3,500 guest cards. The iPhone application, which became available in March 2011, hosted 74,000 visits in 2011, including almost 22,000 unique visits and 1.36 million page views.

“We are pleased that LCOR is one of many multifamily property managers that are reaping tangible benefits from RentCafe, the only ILS that includes built-in online leasing, screening, live chat and a 24/7 call center. LCOR is one of hundreds of companies that have made RentCafe an invisible yet invaluable extension of their leasing offices,” said John Pendergast, senior vice president of client services for Yardi and RentCafe product manager.

About LCOR Inc.

LCOR Inc., based in Berwyn, Pa., is a real estate investment and development company dedicated to creating better places for people to live, learn, work, travel and play. LCOR specializes in complex urban development, including large-scale multifamily residential, commercial and mixed-use properties that often integrate housing, office, retail and transit components. The value of LCOR developments completed, under construction or in pre-development exceeds $8 billion. Nationally, LCOR has developed more than 20,000 residential units and more than 16 million square feet of commercial space. For more information, visit

About Yardi

Yardi Systems has been committed to the design, development and support of real estate investment management and property management software for nearly 30 years. With its Yardi Multifamily Suite, Yardi Commercial Suite and Yardi Investment Suite, the Yardi Voyager system is the most comprehensive single real estate management platform on the market today. Yardi serves clients around the world from offices in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. More information about Yardi products and services is available at More information about RentCafe is available at In addition, the RentCafe renters blog provides renters across the U.S. with a comprehensive and dynamic source of lifestyle information and interaction.

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