Clearwater Living Builds Innovative Senior Living Experience on Yardi Platform


Technology-forward builder and manager of senior living properties prepares for rapid expansion using industry-leading software solution

SANTA BARBARA, June 14, 2018 – Clearwater Living has adopted the Yardi® Senior Living Suite to prepare for fast growth of its senior living property portfolio, which includes both owned and managed assets, over the next 24 months.

The senior living provider is committed to providing top-quality amenities and experiences for its residents and chose Yardi as its software provider due to the company’s longevity in the industry, focus on continued innovation and responsive customer support.

“As we grow our company, one of the questions we face is how to best support the next generation of senior living residents with robust technology and systems,” said Breck Austin, vice president of support services for Clearwater Living. “As our company is evolving we’re attracting new limited partners and capital investors. When we say we’re using Yardi, they don’t ask us much more about our reporting processes. There’s a strong reputation that comes with Yardi.”

Clearwater Living opened three senior living communities in the Western U.S. this spring and expects to manage 18 more by early 2020.

The Yardi Senior Living Suite allows providers to manage resident care, finance, operations, marketing and leasing with a single connected solution. An important piece of the platform for Clearwater Living is the RentCafe Senior Living portal, which residents and family members can use to make payments online and access resident records, statements and care details. A convenient resident app allows users to access the portal from any browser and mobile device.

“To have your medical and electronic health care records all housed in one place with your property management and accounting database and an online portal for family members or residents, that’s a great advantage in providing service in our space,” Austin said.

“We’re proud to be part of the Clearwater Living vision to provide a standard-setting senior living experience,” said Ray Elliott, vice president of senior living for Yardi. “The Clearwater Living team clearly sees the future when it comes to supporting residents and families through the use of standout software, and our platform is designed to make that support possible.”

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About Clearwater Living

Clearwater Living is committed to providing the most superior customer service and living experiences in the industry. The company is skilled in the acquisition, development, marketing and operations of senior living communities throughout the western United States. Clearwater communities are designed to include cutting-edge technologies and care services that improve the daily lives of seniors.

About Yardi

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