Meet Senior CRM IQ

By on May 28, 2024 in Senior Living

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Senior CRM IQ, our prospect-centric customer relationship management solution for senior living. Evolved from RentCafe Senior CRM and integrated with key elements of the Yardi Senior Living Suite, Senior CRM IQ is designed to provide seamless experiences for both sales counselors and prospective residents. 

Senior Living Customer-Centric CRM Software

Meet Senior CRM IQ

At Yardi, we prioritize listening to client feedback. We’ve taken thoughtful comments on RentCafe Senior CRM — and gathered insights on what CRM functionality is missing in the industry — to create a fresh, enhanced product.

That’s Senior CRM IQ, which includes an attractive user interface, new features and evolved communication capabilities. Note that well-loved dashboards and features from RentCafe Senior CRM were kept, but we’ve added a whole new level of functionality and made things more user-friendly.

There’s a range of exciting workflows in the product, but as a highlight, Senior CRM IQ clients will access:

A Communication Hub: send and manage all communications with prospective residents including calls, texts and emails from one convenient location.

Lead stages: unlock lead stages functionality that guides sales teams through the entire prospect journey. Benefit from seamless automation for common tasks at every stage, from lead all the way to move-in.

A prospect overview page: see the prospect overview at the click of a button with a centralized, easy-to-access page that presents impactful data.

Intuitive dashboards: manage your digital forms in one place with a comprehensive dashboard that shows every document and its various stages. Enjoy additional dashboards for managing waitlists, occupancy and more.

Campaigns: benefit from new functionality that makes it easy to send email and text blasts, then track successes such as click and open rates. You have access to premade templates, or you can create campaigns on your own.

Electronic leasing: save time on paperwork and streamline your move-in workflow with electronic leases. Enjoy simplified workflows for every step of the leasing process.

Competitive analysis: centralize competitor data, streamline reporting and compare your communities quickly and efficiently. You enter competitor information directly in Senior CRM IQ then unlock organized, intuitively presented insights that live in one secure place.

Explore our Senior CRM IQ product page to see more functionality.

What makes Senior CRM IQ unique?

In addition to offering unmatched features, Senior CRM IQ stands out from the crowd by uniting on a single integrated platform. As part of the Yardi Senior Living Suite, it connects with essential aspects of your business — from Yardi EHR to RentCafe Senior Living Portal.

That centralization offers countless benefits, including time savings, a reduction in operational costs and prevention of data-entry errors. Most importantly, using one automated system equips you to deliver great service through the entire prospect-to-resident journey.  

“We’re pleased to introduce Senior CRM IQ, a robust customer relationship management solution designed for the unique needs of senior living,” said Ray Elliott, vice president of senior living at Yardi. “With a fresh user interface, new features and enhanced communication abilities, this solution delivers seamless experiences for both sales counselors and prospective residents.”

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If you’re a new client, book time with our team to get started with Senior CRM IQ.