Investment Management

  • Help Drive Investor Value

    A true end-to-end solution to fully automate the real estate asset and investment management lifecycle and help drive investor value.

    Yardi Investment Management ensures your entire investment accounting, performance measurement, and investor reporting cycle is automated, reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies. This can be a standalone solution or used as part of the Yardi Voyager® suite of products for General Partnerships and real estate investment fund managers.

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Managing Real Estate Investment Lifecycles


  • Maintain Simple or Sophisticated Structures

    Yardi Investment Management delivers a unique investment accounting solution that will help you manage your ownership structures, no matter how simple or complex. Yardi Investment Management enables both large and small investors and administrators to deliver entity-level accounting and generate statutory reporting direct from the system. With a fully automated consolidation process you can easily manage the horizontal and vertical complexities associated with numerous entities and multiple levels between funds and assets to deliver end-of-period closing with greater efficiency, and much less risk.

    Yardi Investment Management offers an investment accounting solution for a wide range of entities and investment structures, including:

    • Funds
    • Special Purpose Entities
    • Fund of Funds
    • Holding Companies
    • REITs
    • Debt Entities
    • Private Equity Performance Measurement
  • Manage Investor and Investment Capital Flows

    Yardi Voyager manages flows of Capital up and down the variety of Investment Structures. Transaction types include Capital Calls,  Return of Capital, Distributions, Fees and calculates the Unfunded Equity and Capital Balance positions. Investment Management stores and maintains changing ownership commitments to provide accurate real-time and historical investor reporting and accounting.

  • Perform Complex Consolidations with Automated Eliminations

    Yardi Voyager has a rules-based consolidation engine that rolls up financial data stored in the ledgers of your properties and entities and posts it to the ledgers of higher-level entities according to user-defined consolidation rules. As rollup rules are configurable, you can create as many rules as required to satisfy multiple accounting requirements, such as Local GAAP and IFRS simultaneously. Once the rules are defined, a consolidation can be performed across all levels of your investment hierarchy in one click. Voyager is fully multi-currency enabled and supports Full Consolidation, Equity Pickup, Minority Interest and automated Elimination of inter-company loans and interest payments confidence.

  • Measure Investor & Portfolio Performance

    Automate analysis and submission of NCREIF, IPD and GIPS performance metrics. Compare your portfolio investment performance to industry benchmarks and internal KPIs through a rich set of real-time analytics for leveraged, unleveraged and time-weighted income and appreciation returns. Add user defined attributes to the portfolio comparison to evaluate geographical, operational and investment indicators, providing improved clarity and accuracy when determining the market value of your assets.

  • Calculate Incentive Structures

    Yardi Investment Management has been uniquely designed to auto-calculate returns and investor distributions on deals that use complex incentive structures such as preferred returns, waterfall distributions, promotes and hurdles. Yardi Investment Management enables you to:

    • Quickly calculate accruals and distributions with multiple IRR hurdles
    • Determine hypothetical liquidation values for accurate unrealised gain/loss on investments
    • Compute multiple allocation splits within Limited Partnership and General Partnership groupings

  • Streamline Investor Reporting

    Leverage centralised investment data to automate the preparation and distribution of fund statements and investor-specific statements, capital call notifications and investor funding requests. Give fund managers timely, complete information about investment performance. Generate capital call emails to any number of investors and post them on an investor portal. Create quarterly fund statements and investor statements that provide information in graphic form.

Product Highlights


  • Centralised Information Source

    Yardi Investment Management can access operating data in real time from your Voyager database to automate all investment calculations, transactions and reporting, and can also be used as the central data warehouse to consolidate information from multiple disparate systems. Utilize our extract, transform and load toolset to generate nightly property management portfolio data, regardless of platform.

    • Predefined mapping to other property management databases
    • Automated Loads
    • Error checking with email notification
  • Automated Synchronisation with Financial Ledgers

    Fully automate investment accounting, performance measurement and investor reporting and enable managers to make better, faster, more informed decisions to benefit their clients and stakeholders. Help deliver enhanced investment performance and returns through improved, more competitive services to clients and increased analytical capability. Greatly reduce period end close times and reporting cycle times and reduce risk through compliance monitoring and enhanced
    business intelligence.

  • Complete Transactional Transparency

    Achieve an unsurpassed level of transparency, made possible by the Yardi Investment Management centralised data platform. Questions regarding underlying transaction data are quickly answered by drilling down to the operating data in Yardi Voyager. In addition, a full array of detailed reports provides a complete audit trail.

    • Achieve single-system integration with a centralised data platform
    • Reduce manual effort by eliminating third-party interfaces
    • Get real-time data down to the property level to make confident decisions

  • Automated Calculations

    Based on your defined hierarchies, automate consolidations and rollups to analyse and report financials with speed and accuracy at every level. Yardi Investment Management automates all transactions and calculations for:

    • Capital Calls
    • Contributions
    • Distributions
    • Preferred Returns
    • Waterfalls, Promotes and Hurdles
    • Date Sensitive Commitments
    • Full Consolidations
    • Equity Roll-up
    • Minority Interest
    • Eliminations Sets

Key Features
  • Easily manage complex hierarchies and deal structures
  • Produce detailed, accurate performance and returns analysis
  • Get real-time data down to the property level to make confident decisions
  • Manage multiple currencies, languages, accounting methods, and tax rules
  • Attain full, top-to-bottom transparency with complete drilldown capability
  • Automate complex consolidations and equity rollups
  • Quickly calculate preferred returns and waterfall distributions
  • Achieve true, single-system integration with centralised data
Key Benefits
  • Structure, scale and grow businesses without additional headcount
  • Enable faster execution of investment strategies and increased productivity
  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and time-intensive functions
  • Mitigate investment risk, maximise asset value and enable better-informed decision-making
  • Leverage intelligent property and asset performance analytics
  • Enhance investor services and nurture client relations
  • Produce accurate, on-demand investor reporting distributed through email or investor portal
  • Measure performance by assessing detailed portfolio analytics against internal KPIs and industry benchmarks
  • Enhance transparency, data governance, compliance and back office due diligence with automation, security and data integrity