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Kaiserman Company

Kaiserman Company

  • Almost everything we order for our commercial and residential properties as well as the corporate office comes through Procure to Pay.

    Eric Schulz, Property Manager

    The Company

    Kaiserman Company offers office space for rent, retail space for lease and rental apartments throughout Philadelphia, its suburbs and Center City neighborhoods. Founded in 1923, Kaiserman is a third-generation family business. In 2016, one of its residential communities earned a Brotherly Love Sisterly Affection award from the Philadelphia Business Journal for its partnership with a nonprofit community organization.

    The Challenge

    Meeting an Environmental Commitment

    “Our company mission is to be as sustainable as possible. The less paper in the office, the better. Our website says ‘Our logo is blue. Our mission is green,’ and we work hard to live up to that,” said Eric Schulz, a property manager for Kaiserman, which is a prominent participant in Philadelphia-area sustainability programs.

    The Solution

    Yardi Procure to Pay

    In 2013 Kaiserman added solutions for online residential marketing and leasing, fixed asset management, customer relationship management and online tenant services to its new Yardi Voyager property management and accounting platform. Kaiserman also gained easy access to sustainable supplies and paperless ordering and invoice processing with another new solution—Yardi Procure to Pay, an end-to-end paperless invoice processing and procurement system.

    The Story

    One Accountability and Sustainability

    “Even if we had ordered something from a vendor for many years, Procure to Pay often offers better pricing,” Schulz said. “I order everything from electrical outlets to office paper through Procure to Pay, even a boiler pump once. We set up a shopping list and always use the same biweekly order, and tweak it when necessary.”

    Yardi Procure to Pay delivered new accountability as well as sustainability for Kaiserman. “I can see what my team is ordering before I send it to the purchasing department,” Schulz said. “Procure to Pay helps me keep track of budgets, and I can easily see what my maintenance team is ordering and ask why if necessary. There’s a lot more communication among departments, from purchasing to maintenance to the property management team. I love Procure to Pay’s checks and balances. Even with a one-off local purchase, we still save time and paper because the purchase requisition is processed through Procure to Pay.

    “I was so glad to get rid of carbon-copied PR requisition papers. It was like coming out of the Stone Age.”

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