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Anthology Senior Living

Anthology Senior Living

  • I’m a supporter of the Yardi Senior Living Suite. From a systems perspective, when you start going to different products and software and they don’t talk to each other, it becomes difficult. For me it’s about the user experience. If we have to tell our communities they have to go in 50 different systems to tackle 3 things, that slows them down.

    Kim Smart, Director of Systems and Support

    The Company

    Anthology Senior Living, CA Venture’s senior living platform, develops, acquires and operates 34 senior housing communities across the United States. Their portfolio includes independent living, assisted living and memory care with uniquely designed communities that provide residents with meaningful hospitality and care.

    The Challenge

    Navigating a Growing Portfolio

    With a range of communities to serve and rapid expansions underway, Anthology Senior Living needed a solution that did it all. They searched for senior living software that combined resident care, marketing, sales, finance and more on a single platform. To fulfill the needs of their many communities, Anthology chose a single connected solution they knew they could trust. They welcomed the Yardi Senior Living Suite.

    The Solution

    Yardi Senior Living Suite

    The Yardi Senior Living Suite is powered by a secure cloud-hosted database and unites property management, finance, marketing, resident care and more on a single connected solution. Online portals keep residents and families connected. Mobile tools and apps allow staff to work productively from any location, enabling them to spend more time with residents.

    The Story

    Single Connected Success

    Anthology’s search for mobile, intuitive senior living software led them to Yardi. And with extensive experience in systems analysis, Director of Systems and Support Kim Smart knew the value of interconnected tools. Whether it be at the community or corporate level, Smart uses the Yardi Senior Living Suite to drive success.

    “Pretty much my whole day, for the most part, revolves around Yardi,” explained Smart. “I handle any type of implementation that we do whether it be project based, implementing a new component of the software or upgrading the software. Then all the way down to day-to-day support.”

    While Anthology implemented a large portion of the suite from the get-go, Smart continues to leverage the software in new ways. This ensures continued success — both for Anthology’s communities and internal teams — and helps everyone receive the maximum benefit. “Streamlined processes and improved workflows have helped Anthology continue to grow with Yardi,” explained Smart.

    Efficiencies Gained Across the Board

    By utilizing tools like RentCafe Senior Living, a secure online portal, Anthology helps residents and families stay connected. This became especially crucial during the pandemic. “We were releasing it amidst COVID-19. As we were getting more folks on it, and the more that things shut down, families needed a way to make payments if they couldn’t come to the community,” explained Smart. The portal allows residents and responsible parties to manage payments, review health information, communicate with caregivers and more — keeping Anthology’s communities in sync.

    Providing outstanding customer service is another focus for Anthology. By implementing Yardi’s flexible call automation and call tracking, facilitating excellent communication became seamless. “The communities now get to hear calls that they didn’t get to hear — they come directly to their dashboard and it becomes a part of their day,” said Smart. “It’s something that we didn’t previously have before, and it’s become a really big coaching tool. People adopted it pretty quickly too — it wasn’t really difficult for them.”

    For Anthology’s sales team, RentCafe Senior CRM has transformed operations for the better. The mobile-friendly sales and marketing platform helps the team capture important data, automate workflows, organize tasks and align priorities. Smart noted how “the ability to utilize your dashboard, and use that to work through your day, has become a big help.”

    With an unwavering commitment to their residents, providing quality care remains one of Anthology’s main priorities. Smart described how Yardi EHR has been a key factor in this — giving care staff the tools needed to focus on residents. Not to mention, the electronic health record system allows teams to create a platform catered to their needs. “What I like about EHR is there’s a lot more I can build within it,” explained Smart. “There’s more customization on that front.”

    Unparalleled Support

    When utilizing a range of tools, having exceptional support from a software provider is essential. That’s exactly how Smart describes Yardi’s dedication to Anthology. From answering implementation questions to welcoming feedback — the Yardi team is there every step of the way.

    “In the time that I’ve worked with Yardi products, I’ve given feedback to the team, and that feedback has now been implemented in later releases,” said Smart. “If something isn’t available now and we tell them that it’s a valuable thing for their clients, Yardi will listen. The software is ever-evolving and Yardi does take your feedback seriously.”

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