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A.J. Dwoskin & Associates

A.J. Dwoskin & Associates

  • Orion is amazing. In the past, we spent a lot of time creating and printing paper reports, but now at the click of a button, we have all the data we need with full drill-down capabilities into the details.

    Lisa Kolb, Consulting Senior Systems Analyst

    The Company

    Founded in 1967, A.J. Dwoskin & Associates is a leader in real estate development and management, providing superior residential and commercial products and services in Northern Virginia. The company offers acquisition, construction, property management, leasing and asset management capabilities.

    The Challenge

    Tedious Paper Reports

    Gathering operational and financial data to create weekly, quarterly and annual reports used to take considerable time and cost money for A.J. Dwoskin to produce with the desired graphs and formatting. With two weekly management meetings, keeping up with accurate reporting was an ongoing challenge.

    The Solution

    Yardi Orion Business Intelligence

    Yardi Orion Business Intelligence is a unique mobile-enabled platform that combines financial, operational and ancillary services data from Yardi Voyager to deliver holistic portfolio insight. The system features configurable dashboards with more than 200 key performance indicators, and provides flexible reporting to enable fast, informed decisions.

    The Story

    Powerful Paperless Reporting

    According to Lisa Kolb, consulting senior systems analyst for Dwoskin, the decision to add Orion to their Voyager platform was an easy one. Kolb explained, “We have two meetings each week, and now with Orion, no one is running around printing and photocopying reports to share information. We simply log into a single screen on the large conference room monitor and look at the data together. It’s all at our fingertips now. We analyze our portfolio information, manipulating the views any way we need to — by week, month, quarter or year”.

    Kolb added that with Orion, owners can use a smartphone or tablet to instantly display any information an investor would like to see, and Kolb no longer has to sit by a copier generating paper to deliver that data.

    Having a single source of truth has proved invaluable for A.J. Dwoskin. Kolb concluded, “Orion gives us real time data. If something changes, it’s updated and accurate everywhere, and can’t be manipulated. The numbers are the numbers, as they sit in the database, so it all ties out to the same systems.” As a result, A.J. Dwoskin can confidently make fast business decisions based on the instant analytics they get from Orion.

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