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Voyager Military Housing

Save time by automating all your military housing management tasks

Manage all forms of military housing, including family housing, barrack housing and unaccompanied personnel housing, with a single connected solution. Complete wait list processing, BAH accommodation, required reporting, accounts receivable and more, without inefficient and time-consuming manual data entry.


Process Seamlessly

Easily control all aspects of the housing workflow, from initial contact and guest card to leasing, renewal and move-out. Quickly match personnel with housing using real-time tracking functionality.

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Gain Full Insight

Leverage centralized portfolio data, system-wide transparency and analytic reports for reporting and audits. Yardi Voyager Military Housing complies with U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines housing report requirements.


Go Mobile

Help your field technicians—and your residents—easily create, update and close work orders from their mobile devices.

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Expand Your Reach

Add solutions for marketing, energy management, procurement and more from the Yardi Military Housing Suite.

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