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Maximize lease and concession revenue with powerful airport management software

Manage your properties, parcels, leases, concessions, maintenance, invoicing and billing all in a single solution. Extend your Yardi Voyager property management and accounting foundation with integrated value-add products for a complete business solution in one seamless platform.


Automate Your Business

Gain the power of the most advanced airport management software platform for any size airport with built-in property and concession management, accounting and real-time analytics — all in a single database.

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Gain Control

Track leases and process receivables with the same automation and database integration leveraged by thousands of public, private and nonprofit organizations around the world — at an affordable price.

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Know Your Numbers

Improve financial management with a full-featured system that meets all applicable accounting standards.

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Know Your Assets

Improve asset management with a full-featured system with long-term management, tracking and reporting capabilities for facilities and leased real estate.

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Mobilize Access

Work anywhere using any mobile device with full access to your data, real-time analytics, and mobile apps.

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Navigate Smarter

Execute tasks faster with user-friendly, Google-style search functions along with favorites, histories, and keyboard shortcuts.

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Extend the Platform

Build a comprehensive enterprise solution by adding marketing, tenant services, facilities management, energy management and more.

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