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Store Enterprise

Unparalleled Power and Flexibility

The solution to deliver faster, more reliable data isn’t a larger staff or a more complex system, but the proper integration of better tools. Store Enterprise™ is the industry’s most flexible management platform, designed from the ground up to allow multi-facility operators to fully configure the software to the way you do business and ensure all facilities run at peak efficiency.

As the industry leader for large and rapidly growing organizations, Store Enterprise will completely revolutionize the way your organization succeeds. Access data and reports from any site right from your PC. And unlike most web-based systems, your data does not need to be synced or downloaded every time you log in to a site. In fact, switching between sites takes only a few seconds!

Product highlights

Centralized Data Model

With Store Enterprise, all your sites are running on a single, centralized database, meaning you can more efficiently manage lease documents, correspondence, fee amounts, and user roles across all of your sites with just a few clicks of your mouse. And our open architecture allows flexible third-party integrations.

Add-on Features

Save time and money with centralized mail processing, multi-site reporting, and YieldPlan™, Yardi’s industry leading yield management tool for the self storage industry.

Unparalleled Support

Store Enterprise is easy to learn with online help and user and administrative guides. It also gives you access to Yardi’s acclaimed Support Helpdesk, which can assist you twelve hours a day, seven days a week.

Key Features

  • Centralized data and open architecture allow flexible third-party integrations
  • Seamless website, call center, payment processor, and kiosk integration
  • Consolidated multi-site reports available to your entire organization
  • Discount governance, CRM, and marketing tools

Key Benefits

  • Flexible software solutions for one to multiple facilities
  • Centralized data provides instant information access
  • Open architecture enables easy third-party integrations
  • Customer support available seven days a week