Yardi Rent Relief Surpasses $500 Million in Assistance Disbursed


State, county and city agencies ramp up payments to assist qualified renters impacted by the pandemic

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 7, 2022 – Millions of dollars of Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) funds have been efficiently delivered to landlords and renters recovering from the economic impacts of the Covid pandemic.

The most successful municipal, county and state ERAP administrators use an all-in-one solution powered by Yardi® called Rent Relief, which enables direct deposit of funds to qualified recipients’ bank accounts.

Rent Relief clients disbursed nearly $525M in assistance payments in 2021, the first year of ERAP’s existence. Rent Relief helps those agencies streamline ERAP administration with integrated online applications, case management for application review and approval and payment distribution.

More than 80,000 households received ERAP financial assistance through Rent Relief. The number of applicants was much larger, as more than 250,000 cases were entered into the system. ERAP program specialists and case managers used Rent Relief to determine eligibility and eliminate cases that were not qualified or left incomplete.

Twenty-eight government agencies across the nation currently use Rent Relief, including five state agencies.

“We are honored to support our clients as they assist renters who are recovering from the adverse impact of the pandemic. The Yardi Rent Relief platform is an end-to-end solution that expedites disbursement of funds to eligible renters. We are focused on supporting our clients well as they continue to pursue their ERAP objectives.” said John Pendergast, senior vice president at Yardi.

Agencies seeking to expedite and streamline their Emergency Rental Assistance Program can contact Yardi at (800) 866-1144 to set up a private demonstration of Rent Relief. Yardi also offers a non-ERAP specific relief solution called Core Relief that can help government agencies and nonprofits roll out direct assistance programs of any type.

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