Yardi Introduces Facility Manager with HVAC Fault Detection and Diagnostics


First-of-its-kind connection will identify equipment faults and automate work orders

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 24, 2021 — The combined power of Yardi® Facility Manager and Pulse® Fault Detection will enable commercial property managers to preemptively address equipment failures and automate work order creation when a fault is detected.

This unique connection is a first in the commercial real estate industry and leverages the expert management of over 35,000 properties on the Yardi® Pulse energy suite and over 250,000 pieces of equipment on Yardi Facility Manager.

The process works by connecting the Internet of Things (IoT) to the HVAC system, the highest risk and most expensive piece of equipment in a commercial building. Once an equipment fault is detected, the system will automatically generate a work order so the repair can be performed. The goal is to proactively address issues and plan preventive maintenance, helping clients see warning signs before equipment failure occurs.

“This functionality leverages true IoT to produce automated work order creation and alerts using the seamless connection between Fault Detection and Facility Manager,” said Akshai Rao, vice president of energy for Yardi. “This powerful use case opens the door to further IoT-based connections from Yardi that will push in-building technology forward through practical and valuable applications.”

In addition to fault detection and automatic work order generation, the connection reduces manual labor and expedites resolution time. Fault detection arms technicians with tools to investigate and diagnose issues from the building automation system data. The automation data will also show when the work performed has been successful.

Watch a brief video to learn more about the connection between Yardi Facility Manager and Pulse Fault Detection.

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