Yardi Breeze Premier: Unlocking a New Era in Condo and Strata Market in Canada


A modern, easy-to-use solution designed specifically for condo and strata corporations

(SANTA BARBARA, Calif. March 12, 2024) – We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a game-changing solution for the condo and strata corporation market in Canada. Yardi® Breeze Premier, designed with the Canadian market in mind, aims to make property management accessible and affordable for everyone.

Condo and strata corporations play a pivotal role in the diverse Canadian housing universe. “These communities offer shared responsibility, foster a sense of belonging, and provide affordable ownership opportunities. However, effective management and governance are crucial for their success. Breeze Premier was created to address these challenges head-on,” said Peter Altobelli, vice president and general manager of Yardi Canada Ltd.

Breeze Premier goes beyond property management and accounting software; it’s a modern, easy-to-use solution designed specifically for condo and strata corporations. Our comprehensive suite of features empowers you to:

  • Centralize and Streamline Operations: Manage everything with real-time data securely stored in the cloud. No more juggling multiple systems!
  • Enhance Communication: Customize and centralize communication with owners through secure mobile apps and online portals, fostering engagement and transparency.
  • Simplify Invoicing: Go paperless and leverage internal approvals for faster payments, saving time and resources.
  • Master Financial Management: Generate accurate financial statements, track budgets effortlessly, reconcile bank accounts, and manage job costing with ease.
  • Hassle-Free Condo Fees: Automate fee increases, track delinquencies, and set up special assessments with ease, ensuring financial stability.
  • Effectively Manage Violations: Easily handle violations, schedule follow-up inspections, and apply fees automatically, promoting a well-maintained community.
  • Offer A User-Friendly Interface: Employ a modern solution designed for effortless adoption and intuitive navigation.
  • Access Expert Support: Get started quickly with our onboarding process and access ongoing support through live chat.

Embrace the future of condo and strata management with Yardi Breeze Premier. Stay tuned for exciting updates and features. To experience the difference firsthand, check out this breezy introductory webinar.

About Yardi

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