New and updated courses – fall 2017


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New additions and updates:

· We’ve released our now familiar end-of-year course: AO 200 – Voyager 1099 Processing.

· We’re pleased to announce the release of two new much anticipated and requested courses as part of the Human Resources track: HR 130 – Drug Free Workplace and HR 135 – Drug Free Workplace: Supervisor.

· RENTCafé has received a lot of attention. We’ve added classes to the Administrative and Online Payments tracks. On the RENTCafé CRM side, we’ve continued to release courses in the Agent Procedures track.

· Public Housing clients have four new courses in the PHA Compliance Management 7S track.

· Do you have a maintenance team? Consider assigning the new Maintenance Manager and Fixed Assets courses.

· Gearing up for Affordable 203.A? You might want to check out the new Affordable Repayment Agreements track.

· Two of our Safety tracks include new additions: Lead Safety and Awareness, Introduction to Hand and Power Tool Safety, and Heat Stress Prevention.

We’re also excited about the updated look and functionality of some of our most popular courses.

· eL 100 – Welcome to eLearning and eL 225 – eLearning Supervisor Tools now include engaging videos, auto-play audio and animated pages, along with “branding” on all pages. Be sure to share eL 225 with your eLearning group supervisors because it includes updates to Group Supervisor functionality.

· If you’ve been using courses in our PHA Compliance Management in 7S track, you’ll want to see the bright new look of the courses in this track: PHA 210 through PHA 274.

· We’ve updated the entire Senior Voyager 7S track to include auto-play audio; from SH 500 through SH 608.