Eliminate Disparate Systems

By on Jan 22, 2024 in Senior Living

Disparate software systems can pose major challenges for senior living operators, requiring you and your teams to navigate multiple platforms and logins. These solutions waste valuable time and resources — and they heighten the risk of errors and inconsistencies. Fortunately for today’s operators, fully integrated solutions exist to alleviate these challenges.

Eliminate Disparate Systems: Yardi Senior Living Suite

The Yardi Senior Living Suite is just that, an all-in-one, interconnected solution that unites financials, care, business intelligence and more on a single platform.

Read on for a closer look at the issues with disparate systems (and see the value in moving to a single connected solution like ours).

Why make the switch to a fully integrated solution?

We get it. Maybe you’ve been operating with disparate systems for years, and you’re not sure if transitioning to a single-stack solution is worth it. But more likely than not, in using disconnected software tools, you’ve experienced the frustration of data entry errors, time wasted digging for answers and the hassle of transferring information from one system to the next. That’s because disparate tools seldom speak to each other as efficiently as single-stack solutions do (or often times, they don’t speak to each other at all).

Not to mention, siloed systems aren’t necessarily as cost effective as one fully integrated platform. They usually require varying licensing fees, plus you face the costs associated with maintaining and upgrading each individual system.

With a single connected solution like the Yardi Senior Living Suite, on the other hand, you alleviate these challenges, risks and frustrations by accessing every tool needed in one secure place. You empower your teams with an intuitive, easy-to-access platform — all while improving care and enhancing efficiency.

What makes the Yardi Senior Living Suite stand out from the crowd?

The Yardi Senior Living Suite offers more than your average solution. Uniquely designed to meet the needs of senior living operators, the suite of integrated tools is hosted on a cloud-based, HIPAA and SOX-compliant platform. We place a strong emphasis on taking care of our clients and driving growth year-round, which results in a platform that’s ever-evolving, cutting-edge and built to help you succeed for the long term.

You can explore our full product suite to learn more, but some of the highlights include:   

Voyager Senior Housing, our community management powerhouse that combines property management, financials and complete business oversight.

Yardi Senior IQ, the only business intelligence solution built for senior living — a system that helps you make smarter, faster decisions with actionable information for your entire portfolio.

Yardi EHR, our full-service electronic health record solution that secures error-free health records, limits liability and empowers staff to deliver the best resident care.

RentCafe Senior CRM, our collection of mobile-friendly sales and marketing tools that help you attract new residents, nurture your leads and maximize occupancy.  

RentCafe Senior Living Portal, our secure online platform that keeps residents, families and staff connected around the clock.

Watch a webinar

There’s no denying that integrated software offers advantages that disparate systems can’t match. If you’re ready to see the Yardi Senior Living Suite in action, we encourage you to watch an on-demand webinar.