Construction & Development

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    The full business solution for managing all types of construction projects, using a single platform to centralise data and automate accounting and budgeting.

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Real estate development requires astute management of numerous financial details and logistical challenges in order to successfully complete projects and meet budget and funding constraints.

As a developer, you are faced with some key considerations for your development projects, such as:

  • Real-time access to centralised data
  • Detailed recording of project information by job or subcontract, including job budgets, budget revisions, change orders, A/P, and A/R
  • Calculation and recording of draws and receivables
  • Over-budget notification
  • Detailed subtotal and total roll-up reporting
  • Easy access to underlying detail for reports
  • Lien-waiver control
  • Payable approvals and cheque processing

Yardi Voyager for Construction Management

Yardi Voyager® Construction Management is a web-based, full-service job costing and receivables system designed to help you efficiently manage all types of development through all phases of construction. With Voyager Construction Management, you can easily track all job budgets, budget revisions, job bids, expenses, receipts, draws on construction loans, subcontracts, and more. Feature-rich and smartly designed, Yardi Voyager Construction Management streamlines operations and increases control over management tasks, so you can expedite completion and maximise the profitability of all your development projects. Learn more >>