Client Success

NYC Office Suites | Grand Central Offices

NYC Office Suites | Grand Central Offices

  • Renewals have been much easier in Yardi Kube and the reporting is much more advanced than what we were using before.

    Hope Landry, Chief Operating Officer, NYC Office Suites | Grand Central Offices
  • We feel 100% supported by Yardi Kube. We can respond to client problems without delay.

    Hope Landry, Chief Operating Officer, NYC Office Suites | Grand Central Offices
  • When we’re making decisions to open new centers, we’re bringing in Yardi Kube.

    Hope Landry, Chief Operating Officer, NYC Office Suites | Grand Central Offices

    The Company

    Founded in 1988, NYC Office Suites (including Grand Central Offices) is the leader in Class A executive suites in the New York City and metropolitan area. With locations in some of NYC’s best buildings, the company offers unparalleled services at prestigious addresses including Rockefeller Center, CitiCorp Building, the Plaza District and Grand Central. With over 170,000 square feet of flexible office space under management across seven Class A buildings in NYC, the company also offers virtual office services, full-service HR benefits and cybersecurity support.

    The Challenge

    Renewals and Reporting

    Getting a clear picture of occupancy rates across locations and managing renewals was difficult for NYC Office Suites. Without a connected software platform, they lacked transparency into their operations along with efficient reporting tools. The company also wanted to see analytics to understand if they were getting their desired rates across locations.

    The Solution

    Yardi Kube

    NYC Office Suites streamlines flex space management and improves scalability on a single connected platform with Yardi Kube. The solution empowers the company to automate admin, billing and lead generation, enhance communication and services with integrated portals for members, prospects and operators and get real-time reporting for actionable insights. Yardi Kube also delivers secure Wi-Fi and voice services with a robust IT management platform. And when clients connect Yardi Kube with Yardi Voyager, they gain enterprise-level financial management.

    The Story

    Connected Operations

    To achieve transparency into performance and optimize operations including renewals and billing, NYC Office Suites made the move to Yardi Kube, including Space Management and IT Management, across the majority of their locations. The company is a marquee brand in NYC and continues to expand in the New York metropolitan area. As they grow and add properties to their portfolio, they plan to use Yardi Kube to manage all of them.

    According to Hope Landry, chief operating officer, Yardi Kube has been a seamless solution for the company, offering ease of use and access to information that their previous software lacked. “For us as operators and managers, it’s been so much more seamless for processes to be automated, so we’re not tracking people down. And it’s very easy to get information into the system as well,” said Landry.

    Seamless Billing

    Accurate calculations and timely billing with Yardi Kube have been great benefits for NYC Office Suites. They have eliminated manual effort and significantly reduced the number of phone calls needed to get things done. Landry attributes the improvement in collections to the Yardi Kube portal that enables clients to conveniently view account statements and invoices on demand. Additionally, NYC Office Suites can email clients invoices that are enabled with a button to instantly pay balances online, saving time and reducing the need to track down payments.

    Superior Support

    NYC Office Suites values the excellent support it receives from the Yardi Kube team, including training and an online chat option to request immediate help with any issues that arise. Having experience with different software vendors that made them feel like they were “on their own,” Landry said that gaining outstanding customer service with Yardi Kube is huge. “When we’re making decisions to open new centers, we’re bringing in Yardi Kube,” said Landry.

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