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Hamilton Point Property Management

Hamilton Point Property Management

  • Hamilton Point approves quality residents automatically with ScreeningWorks Pro. All the traffic and performance data I need is right there on my dashboard, and I just can’t say enough about the great customer service from the ScreeningWorks Pro team.

    Melissa Sheldon, Senior Vice President

    The Company

    Founded in 2010, Hamilton Point Investments LLC is a real estate private-equity investment company based in Old Lyme, Conn. that owns and operates multifamily apartment properties. Its properties and affiliated entities are managed by Hamilton Point Property Management LLC, which is responsible for cost-effective and efficient marketing, leasing, maintenance and reporting.

    The Challenge

    Third-Party Screening

    A non-integrated screening product with limited features created some data access issues for HPPM. The company sought an integrated screening solution built into its Yardi Voyager platform to provide a one-stop-shop for leasing — including screening dashboards with consolidated data and up-to-the-minute reporting.

    The Solution

    ScreeningWorks Pro

    ScreeningWorks Pro is a proven online tenant screening system featuring comprehensive reports, reliable data and automated recommendations built into the Yardi Voyager leasing workflow. The system enables clients to approve low-risk residents automatically and compliantly, and helps increase net rental income by reducing loss from collections, evictions and legal action. ScreeningWorks Pro also provides analytics for better insight and adjustable screening criteria to ensure leasing and occupancy goals are met.

    The Story

    Integrated Resident Screening

    According to Melissa Sheldon, senior vice president at HPPM, when the company adopted Yardi Voyager it also selected ScreeningWorks Pro to benefit from a platform with seamless leasing workflows and data integration. Prior to using ScreeningWorks Pro, the company didn’t have the screening analytics or traffic reporting it required to drive property performance.

    Sheldon explained that HPPM uses both paper and online rental applications, with all data residing in Voyager. Once a guest card is created in Voyager, it flows directly into ScreeningWorks Pro to start the applicant approval process. Sheldon loves that she can see all prospect and resident data in one place on the Voyager dashboard.

    Because ScreeningWorks Pro is customizable with flexible rules, HPPM changes scoring parameters as needed to support its occupancy goals. When the company is seeing a lot of denials, Sheldon reaches out to her contact at Yardi to quickly determine what tweaks can be made to its screening criteria. “We work with Yardi as a team to watch those numbers. We’re in a variety of rental markets and it’s always a dance to remain competitive,” Sheldon said.

    ScreeningWorks Pro provides quarterly screening reports that are another highlight for HPPM. Sheldon also appreciates that the system gives her a complete snapshot for a property on demand, with all the metrics she needs right on her executive dashboard. Plus, she can see data for the entire portfolio in about four report pages. Using that information and the box score data in Voyager, HPPM executives can make informed business decisions.

    Furthermore, Yardi offers weekly trainings on the system that help keep HPPM’s leasing team on their game. For managers, the executive dashboard is a fast and easy way to stay on top of applicant traffic and property performance. But when it comes to singling out a favorite benefit, Sheldon raves about ScreeningWorks Pro’s customer support. “I can’t say enough about the Yardi support team, which provides historically great customer service. It is a real highlight with ScreeningWorks Pro.”

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