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Strengthen your organization with the most complete compliance solution available

Reimagine compliance with a unified solution that simplifies leasing, certifications and operations.


Advance Compliance

Choose a solution that expedites and automates the affordable housing cycle, from move-in to recertification. Maximize performance, save time and costs, and reduce the risks and complexity of compliance with support and services for your organization.

Read case study: How AAMCI processes move-in ready compliance files in less than a week

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Maximize Staff Productivity

Alleviate the burden of compliance and gain time to engage with residents, foster stronger communities and maximize your organization’s growth potential with comprehensive services from RightSource.

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Reduce Risk

Your organization’s success depends on mitigating the risks inherent to compliance mandates. Leverage the assistance of RightSource, including fast file audits for your applicant and resident certifications, and avoid the potential costs of non-compliance.

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Sharpen Performance with Consulting

Choose consulting services that maximize the performance of affordable housing providers. We offer program-specific leading practice guidance, data migration, and can help your organization design and implement optimized processes for compliance and property management.

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Train Staff on Best Practices

Extend the platform with Yardi Aspire that offers online and in-person training sessions and learning tools developed by our team of industry experts. Our content is engaging, accessible and adaptive to personal learning styles.

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Serve Applicants and Residents Online

Reach applicants, waitlisted households and residents without relying on paperwork, phone calls or in-person meetings. RentCafe Affordable Housing offers 24/7 virtual leasing and self-service application submissions via mobile devices, in-office kiosks and home computers.


Connect Operations and Finance

Make compliance seamless by centralizing your staff on Voyager Affordable Housing. Your organization will gain efficiency and improve collaboration by working together in a complete ERP platform.


Increase ROI

In addition to avoiding costly fines, housing providers who use our services report higher occupancy rates, more timely recertifications and increased efficiency.

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