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Community Support

Share your skills with other users, draw on their expertise, and provide united feedback for feature development.

As daily users, our clients play a crucial role in the development and enhancement of our products. To give our users the greatest possible support and to facilitate the exchange of information, Yardi encourages the development of active local User Groups. Input from our user community is of paramount importance in helping us continue to build state of the art products that are both feature-rich and cost-effective.

Why belong to a User Group?

User groups help members, both new and expert, share their interests, knowledge, and skills with Yardi products, as well as discuss unique applications used in individual environments. A user group provides a professional forum to exchange experience and ideas with peers and helps promote uniform and focused input to software developers.

How do I start a User Group?

User groups are conducted by the users themselves. If there is not a current group in your local area, we would be more than happy to assist you in starting a new group by identifying and alerting our clients in your area that you are interested in starting a local user group. Our corporate office accomplishes this through mailings that provide your company, name, and phone number as the point of contact for anyone interested in joining your group. Such mailings have been instrumental in bringing users together for the formation of existing user groups. If you would like us to create a mailing on your behalf, please contact us for more information.

Active Yardi User Groups

Saxony Partners Arizona Commercial Yardi User Group
Location: Phoenix AZ
Focus: Voyager
Contact: Adrienne Zimmerman

Saxony Partners Arizona Residential Yardi User Group
Location: Phoenix AZ
Contact: Adrienne Zimmerman

JDR Consulting’s Atlanta Yardi User Group
Location: Atlanta GA
Focus: Voyager
Contact: Genita Ingram

Bay Area Yardi User Group
Location: San Francisco CA
Focus: Voyager
Contact: Alan Haffner

Lynx Systems’ Canadian Yardi User Group
Location: Toronto Ontario CA
Contact: Carol Dewhirst

Central/South Texas Yardi Residential User Group
Focus: Voyager Residential
Contact: Mariana Estrada

JDR Consulting’s Chicago Yardi User Group
Location: Chicago IL
Focus: Voyager
Contact: Genita Ingram

Ronelle J. Armstrong Consulting Services’ Hawaii Yardi User Group
Location: Honolulu HI
Focus: Advantage, Enterprise, Professional, Voyager
Contact: Ronelle J. Armstrong

Minnesota Yardi User Group
Location: Minneapolis MN
Focus: Affordable, Enterprise, PHA, Voyager Commercial
Contact: Sarah Kastan

Nebraska Yardi User Group
Location: Nebraska US
Focus: Multifamily, Voyager 7S
Contact: Tami Moore

Nevada Yardi User Group
Focus: Voyager
Contact: Doris Cramer

Adler PPT’s New England Yardi User Group
Location: Boston MA
Focus: Voyager
Contact: Lee Adler

JDR Consulting’s New York Yardi User Group
Location: New York NY
Focus: Voyager
Contact: Genita Ingram

Net Tech’s Pacific Northwest Yardi User Group
Focus: Voyager
Contact: Jeff Thompson

JDR Consulting’s Raleigh Yardi User Group
Location: Raleigh NC
Focus: Voyager
Contact: Genita Ingram

Rocky Mountain Yardi User Group
Location: Denver CO
Focus: Affordable, PHA
Contact: Debbie Rade

North Texas Yardi User Group
Location: Dallas TX
Focus: Enterprise, Voyager
Contact: Jeff Sherman

REDirect Consulting’s Washington, DC Yardi User Group
Location: Washington DC
Focus: Multifamily, Voyager
Contact: Liz Sheedy