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Pulse Central Control

Streamline HVAC System Operations

Achieve up to 30% energy savings and drastically reduce maintenance costs with optimized HVAC operational efficiency using smart thermostats and unique portfolio monitoring technology. Pulse Central Control is the perfect solution to reduce energy waste, identify HVAC issues, and ensure a comfortable customer experience across large portfolios of smaller buildings without traditional BMS/BAS systems. Simplify your HVAC operations and get comprehensive energy control at the lowest cost of ownership.

Central Control is a lightweight energy management solution designed to help multi-site enterprises save money on utilities and maintenance costs through better operations management of their building systems. It combines networked controllers and cloud-based management software to enable you to monitor and manage your portfolio from anywhere, across hundreds of properties. You can receive alerts and alarms, review temperature data and thermostat settings, control and schedule lighting and HVAC systems, and diagnose and troubleshoot pending issues with building systems.

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Product Highlights

Reduce Energy

Achieve up to 30% energy reductions while ensuring customer and tenant comfort through better scheduling and system monitoring.

Improve Communication

Conveniently monitor and address facility HVAC issues as they happen and allow for better communication both within your organization and with 3rd party service providers.

Reduce Service Calls

Achieve massive savings by reducing truck-rolls and maintenance calls by 50% through proper diagnosis, remote management, verification and validation of maintenance – extending your equipment life.

Key Features

  • Simple, affordable, and scalable
  • Advanced sensor capabilities for remote temperatures, humidity, air quality, motion, contact closure and more
  • Auxiliary relays for additional system control such as lighting or signage
  • Flexible networking and power options
  • Web-based software allows for secure access for anywhere by any number of users
  • Remotely adjust the zone temperature, set-points, control lighting, exhaust fans, etc.
  • Dynamic scheduling tools provide 360 days a year capability complete with events, special days, and even astrological options available
  • Alerts and alarming allow for proactive management of sites and systems
  • Powerful analytics diagnose issues and can verify completion of maintenance
  • Trending capabilities provide intelligence for fault tracking, energy consumption, weather, environment, and any other sensor data collected