Inventory Control

Eliminate guesswork and over-purchasing with automated inventory tracking

Streamline inventory management by integrating consumables tracking with accounting and work orders. Effortlessly track the financial impact of inventory movement as well as how and where inventory is used. Improve oversight of labor and materials, make better purchasing decisions and track prices for the best value.


Improve spend management
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Monitor Spend

Simplify purchasing decisions by automatically tracking consumable items from purchase order through property assignment through final disposal across multiple locations.

Monitor the labor and materials used to complete work orders, quickly reconcile the physical count of on-hand inventory items, and automatically reorder inventory as needed.

Maximize Purchase Power

Track the cost of inventory based on actual purchase orders for accurate budget projections. Perfectly time purchases using custom reorder points based on actual usage.

Maximize your purchasing power
Improve inventory control processes

Empower Staff

Easily identify lost and found material and keep GL accounts accurate. Automatically create distribution orders to restock items used at each property. Keep track of inventory quantity across all locations with barcode scanning tools for real-time accuracy.

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Broaden Oversight

Automatically allocate expenses to individual properties by tracking items as they are assigned, used and replaced.

Key Yardi Inventory Control reports include:

  • Inventory detail
  • Inventory activity
  • Inventory analysis
  • Inventory closing stock
  • Inventory pricing exceptions
  • Inventory locations
  • Inventory reorder
  • Physical inventory

Leverage real-time reporting