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Energy Intelligence

Lower your utility costs, reduce consumption and improve efficiency from one connected platform

Manage costs, consumption and efficiency with a solution built for commercial real estate businesses that fits your sustainability goals and streamlines processes. Gain better control over your energy expenses—from your entire portfolio to a single building—leveraging the synergies between the Yardi Pulse Suite and your Yardi Voyager property management and accounting platform.

Utility Invoice Processing

Save money on late fees and reduce shut-off notices with invoice tracking, faster processing and more efficient online approval workflows that ensure timely payments. Our experts will identify, review and resolve issues for you, saving you time and money. We capture line-item details from your utility statements so you can view all charges including demand charges, energy usage, transmission costs and taxes.

Sustainability Reporting

Benchmark your entire portfolio with powerful dashboards and reporting in a single portal. Simplify your ESG reporting requirements for ENERGY STAR or GRESB. We set up all systems and links for compliance and ensure that your submission is correct and on time. We can support you one-time or ongoing for annual submissions.​ We help ensure accuracy and save you money by outsourcing this very time consuming and often labor-intensive task.

Real-Time Metering

Improve visibility and decision-making at your properties using real-time data directly from your utility meters. With easy-to-use dashboards, you get analytical insights, alerts and prescriptive recommendations to improve your energy performance. Save 2-5% by identifying issues and anomalies as they happen and correcting them immediately. Flexible charts and reports help you measure savings and evaluate results.

Equipment Fault Detection

Prioritize and prevent HVAC system device issues before they cost you money or impact tenant comfort. Protect your HVAC investments with automated notifications to building engineers, property managers and other appropriate personnel. Improve your building operations and generate typical energy savings of 5-10%.

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