Yardi eLearning Roundtable


Join us for our upcoming Yardi eLearning Roundtable sessions.

Making Learning Plans and Courses Work for You
Wednesday, July 11th, 10am PST (No Charge)
Get the most out of Yardi eLearning by learning how to configure learning plan and course behavior to work best for you and your company’s needs. Yardi eLearning offers a variety of learning plan and course settings, from annual recertifications, flexible due date assignments, validation workflows and test out options. Attendees will learn how to use Yardi eLearning coursework and custom courses to offer personalized and flexible training to employees.
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Strategies for Phased Roll-Outs of New Systems Training
Wednesday, August 8th, 10am PST (No Charge)
Yardi eLearning is here to help you make your next systems training initiative a success. Whether you are upgrading Yardi software to a new plugin or rolling out a new workflow, Yardi eLearning can help. Hear tips and tricks from Yardi eLearning clients and staff who have designed phased roll-out training that maximizes learning impact and knowledge retention. You’ll learn strategies such as delivering training prior to onsite instruction, rolling out webinar training at the moment that matters most and driving the knowledge home with follow-up reinforcement training. Attend this webinar and walk away with new ideas to make the most out of your next systems training.
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Make it Fly: Harness the Power of Motion to Engage your Learners
Wednesday, September 19th, 10am PST (No Charge)
Animating course pages can grab your learners’ attention and keep them engaged throughout the learning process. Yardi eLearning now offers the ability to use in-platform tools to define entrance, exit and emphasis animations for nearly every object on a course page. Configure your text to fade in, an image to bounce, or bullet points to appear one by one, timed with on-page audio. Or, create clickable interactions by defining page elements to disappear with a click of a mouse or tap of a finger. Join Yardi eLearning Instructional Designers for a tutorial on how to add engagement to your courses using our new animation toolset.
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