VENDORCafé Electronic Payments


VENDORCafé is now making electronic payments available between you and your clients. Each invoice that is paid by this method will incur the normal credit card 3% transaction charge at the time of payment.

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Simplified Purchase Process
Seamless payment process enables clients to purchase from you more easily and more often.

Faster Payment
On average time to pay reduced from 45 to 15 days. Funds deposited within 24-48 hours.

Fully Electronic Purchase to Payment Cycle
Payment is deposited directly to your account through bank transfer.

No Credit Checks or Collections
Since payments are guaranteed by the bank, no further credit checks are necessary.

No Manual Credit Card Processing
Funds automatically deposited into your account through bank transfer without the need to process a card.

Reduced Accounts Receivable Costs
Detailed remittance information helps streamline AR process in your organization.

Real Time Transparency
Real-time status of all VENDORCafé client invoices as well as payment details available through VENDORCafé.