PRG Real Estate Increases Rental Income with Yardi RENTmaximizer


Property management company maximizes rental prices while simultaneously improving occupancy

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., September 15, 2016 —Philadelphia-based PRG Real Estate has chosen Yardi RENTmaximizer™ to optimize rental income and occupancy. Yardi RENTmaximizer is a revenue management system that is part of the Yardi Voyager® platform.

According to Sam Foster, CEO for PRG: “Before RENTmaximizer we used complicated software that provided no insight into pricing. With RENTmaximizer, we have a transparent, intuitive system integrated within Voyager. It’s easy for our leasing agents to use, and we can easily understand why rents move up or down.”

RENTmaximizer utilizes rental pricing technology that leverages both property history and market comparisons to generate best rents in a way that is transparent to the property manager.  The open calculation method, along with market data and analytics, helps PRG make effective pricing decisions across their East Coast portfolio.

“RENTmaximizer has enabled us to exceed the market and increase our net rental income without losing occupancy. And our dedicated Yardi revenue analyst ensures we continue to meet our goals,” Foster said.

“Property management companies succeed in any market when they are able to increase revenue and retain their residents. PRG is doing just that with RENTmaximizer as part of the Voyager full-business platform,” said Terri Dowen, senior vice president of sales for Yardi.  


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