eLearning Tip of the Month: Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to your house. Many of us want our Student Dashboards to look tidy as well! However, that could be a daunting task as it may be difficult to decide where to start when cleaning up an employee’s profile. A useful first step is to determine which courses the employee self-registered for vs. which were assigned to the employee via a group.

Those questions can be answered by looking at the employee’s Ownership section on the user profile screen under Users>Select User>Edit>Ownerships>Edit Ownership. By looking at the Action menu on objects such as Learning Plans, Tracks and Courses, Yardi eLearning will provide the context of how that object was assigned and whether it can be removed without further action at the Group or Track level.

Here is an example of a Learning Plan that can be removed as it was not assigned via a group:

Here is an example of a Learning Plan that cannot be removed because it is assigned via a group:

The same applies to Tracks and Courses assigned via a Group(s), as well as Courses that are assigned via a Track.

In these cases, you must first remove ownership of the Group, and/or the Track, to remove the ownership of the individual curricula.

Struggling to find how a Learning Plan, Track or Course was assigned? No problem! Ask your eLearning Account Manager or submit a case through Client Central and we’ll reach out directly to you! We’d also be happy to help get you started with a one-on-one training session.