Altus Equity Drives Portfolio Value with Yardi Matrix


Property research provides foundation for alternative asset firm’s acquisition decisions

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 21, 2018 – When Altus Equity considers adding properties to its real estate investment portfolio, it relies on Yardi® Matrix.

Yardi Matrix is a business development and asset management tool for underwriting and managing real estate investments. Its research gives Altus Equity a complete picture of rent comparables, loans on a property, aggregated income and expense data. It also displays historical occupancies, 10-year rent and occupancy forecasts down to the submarket level, and area construction.

“Yardi Matrix is a dependable source of all the valuation data we need to understand the competitive environment in the area. We use that information to make informed decisions and deliver the returns that our investors expect from us,” said Andrew Eicher, manager of acquisitions at Altus Equity.

It also brings to light demographic information such as educational levels, income and population growth rates. “The numbers have to make sense before we proceed with an acquisition. Analytics from Yardi Matrix make us feel good about our decisions, especially in markets we’re not familiar with,” said Eicher.

Responding to a recent call to offer, for example, Altus Equity used Yardi Matrix to underwrite and make an initial offer for four potential multifamily property acquisitions in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana—all new markets for the company.

“We’re a very data-driven company. With Yardi Matrix we know a property’s true value and therefore what we might want to pay. Being able to get the information at a 1, 3, 5 or 10-mile radius from the property gives an even fuller picture. Yardi Matrix is also user-friendly; it’s easy to compile information in a report that’s easy to interpret,” said Eicher.

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