Social Distancing & Market Impact Webinars for Yardi Clients

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Join one of our sessions below to learn more about Yardi solutions that can help you facilitate social distancing while managing your business. Or sign up to learn about the impact of COVID-19 on the multifamily and commercial market sectors. Need answers now? Contact us or find recorded learning videos on Client Central.

  • NEW: Student Housing National Outlook – Spring 2021

    The first full school year to be held during the pandemic is nearing its end, and vaccines are now beginning to rollout nationwide. This webinar will cover how universities fared during the 2020 school year amid nationwide health concerns, job losses, enrollment declines and more. Will we start to see any lagging effects into the 2021 school year, or will things begin to trend back to normal?

    Join our panel of market experts as they offer key insights affecting the student housing industry today.

  • Industrial and Office National Outlook – Fall 2020

    With the growth of e-commerce and high demand for contactless shopping, the industrial sector has been performing well during the pandemic with additional demand likely to increase with the holiday season approaching. On the other hand, the office industry has been severely impacted by 2020’s challenges. Most office using employees are working from home. The office industry is at an inflection point with its future likely to be dramatically disrupted.

    Watch market experts Jeff Adler, Chris Nebenzahl and Peter Kolaczynski for a discuss key industry topics, including: 

    • Demand for industrial considering changing consumption trends toward goods and away from services
    • Operating fundamentals for industrial properties
    • The future of office utilization
    • Workplace habits and impact on office locations
  • Multifamily National Outlook – Fall 2020

    The multifamily industry had been considered the outperforming asset class of the pre-pandemic expansion period. How has the recession impacted the industry, and where do we go from here? Which markets are performing best and what factors are driving growth?

    Join Jeff Adler and Jack Kern as they discuss key strategies for navigating the multifamily industry now and into 2021. Key topics will include: 

    • The impacts of COVID-19 and the recession on the economy and multifamily industry
    • Views on cities vs. suburbs, primary vs. secondary markets and trending migration patterns
    • Multifamily fundamentals, including a deep dive on rent collections and concessions, transactions and development
    • A market by market look at political risk and infrastructure and their impact on investment strategy
  • Student Housing Industry Outlook – Fall 2020

    With new COVID-19 cases slowing down, many universities planned to hold in-person instruction this fall with new precautionary measures in place. Only a few weeks into the semester, a number of schools made a quick switch to online learning. During our last webinar, we predicted that the student housing industry would fair just fine in this current climate. Join a panel of Yardi Matrix experts to see if their predictions were correct and hear what could be in store for the spring semester.

    Topics will include: 

    • An assessment of predictions from this spring on enrollment, new supply, preleasing, dorm capacity and rent growth
    • A look at early fall financial and operational indicators
    • Current COVID status at universities – which universities had to change course, and why? Which universities are keeping new cases at bay, and what have they done differently to prepare?
    • Which universities, conferences and properties performed the best? Which didn’t perform as well as expected?
    • A look forward at what’s in store for the spring semester

  • Self Storage National Outlook – Fall 2020

    The self storage industry has proven its reliable resiliency during the coronavirus pandemic. Street rates appear to be recovering, and construction of new units has been mostly unaffected. An uptick in abandoned planned projects may indicate the end to a years-long development cycle, which would be a welcome change for many owners and operators. Join us as we cover important topics impacting the self storage market.

    You will learn: 

    • Demand drivers
    • Markets that have weathered the storm
    • Fundamentals and market performance
    • Development pipeline and new supply forecast
    • A close look at abandoned projects

  • The Executive Brief Session on The New Renter Experience: Bozzuto Talks Consumer Behavior Trends

    Join us for a series of brief executive interviews to get insights and tips from your peers. The latest webcast event brings together Kelley Shannon, senior vice president of The Bozzuto Group, and Esther Bonardi, vice president at Yardi, to discuss how Bozzuto pivoted its marketing and leasing strategies to match shifting consumer behaviors, changing resident experiences and the “virtual front door”. Discover which trends will likely stay and get ideas for your own onsite teams. Watch previous executive interviews on demand.

  • Reopening Strategies Using RentCafe

    Wondering how your multifamily peers are managing reopening at their offices and properties? Get insight from Emily Short of LumaCorp and Randy Miner of Gables Residential. They share how COVID-19 has impacted their organizations and how they’re using technology to keep their staff and residents safe.

    Join this webinar to learn how you can:

    • Adapt to new operational requirements
    • Manage social distancing when reopening amenities
    • Improve resident satisfaction and safety using tools available in RentCafe
  • Secure, Centralized Document Management for Your Remote Workforce

    One of the challenges of working remotely is finding the right balance between document access and security. Yardi Document Management for SharePoint centralizes document storage in a secure, online location that enhances collaboration and reduces risk. Integrated with both Microsoft 365 and Yardi applications, it improves efficiency by reducing redundant storage and version control.

  • PayScan Full Service: Paperless Invoicing for Business Continuity

    Empower your remote workforce with a fully automated and outsourced invoice processing solution. By outsourcing to Yardi you retain full control while freeing up staff to complete more high-value tasks.

  • Processing Commercial Rent Deferrals & Collections

    The complexity of commercial leases makes it challenging to apply rent deferrals and manage collections for tenants who have been financially impacted by COVID-19. In this webinar we will discuss the different deferral and collections options available in Yardi Voyager, including current client training resources.

  • Yardi Bill Pay for Enhanced Business Continuity

    Learn how this free solution automates the accounts payable process in a single system, creating a more streamlined experience for you and your vendors. In addition to traditional payment methods, you can also use Yardi Card, a virtual credit card with rebate benefits.

  • Maximize Vendor Transparency & Communications with VendorCafe

    In this webinar we will show the benefits VendorCafe provides to both clients and vendors. Clients gain real-time vendor transparency and save time with electronic invoice processing and payments. Vendors utilize paperless invoicing and expedite payments with virtual credit cards. VendorCafe is easily implemented and free of charge for clients and vendors.

  • Automating Payments & Tenant Communications with CommercialCafe

    Limiting physical interactions between tenants and staff does not have to mean a decrease in service or productivity. Join this short webinar to learn how CommercialCafe can improve tenant communications and manage electronic payments while your company practices social distancing.

  • Automating Facilities Management with CommercialCafe & Facility Manager

    How do you maintain facilities and equipment while working remotely? This short webinar will teach you how CommercialCafe and Facility Manager help you manage service requests, engage vendors and connect tenants and property teams while social distancing.

  • Operational Strategies for Business Continuity & Recovery in Residential Real Estate

    We are living in unprecedented times. Nearly every person and every industry has been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and multifamily is no exception. Are you confident that your company will come out strong? This session will guide you through operational considerations and strategies that can lead to business continuity during the crisis and business recovery afterward.

    • Overview of COVID-19’s impact on financial markets and monetary policy
    • The state of employment and the correlation with rent payments
    • Apartment demand data and corresponding recommendations for a “downturn playbook” of business operations, including:
      • Marketing and leasing strategy, messaging and social distancing tools
      • Revenue management pricing, demand and supply considerations
      • Resident communication and experiences
      • Maintenance, work orders and vendor management
      • Employee remote work, safety and well-being
  • Renting Sight Unseen & Preventing Fraud with ID Verification

    COVID-19 is changing the way apartments are being leased, with more prospects renting sight unseen to comply with social distancing rules. But how will this trend impact your business? With apartment fraud on the rise, verifying the identity of your applicants is more important than ever.

    Join this 20-minute webinar to learn about the benefits of online ID verification. Discover how ID Verify, available to multifamily clients in the U.S., can help you:

    • Deter fraud with instant online applicant identity verification
    • Promote safe social distancing for staff and prospects
    • Include facial imagery for biometric recognition
    • Leverage RentCafe online leasing for a built-in solution
  • Revenue Management Strategies for Multifamily Real Estate

    Thinking about fine tuning your revenue management strategy to meet the challenges of COVID-19? Join this webinar to hear how the market is impacting demand and pricing, and the strategies you might consider adopting. We’ll share how our clients are using RENTmaximizer to manage their assets for short- and long-term focus on collections and occupancy.

    Multifamily clients in the U.S. and Canada will discover how to:

    • Meet COVID-19 challenges with pricing and rules that protect occupancy
    • Adapt to changes in renter demand
    • Maintain a long-term strategy that safeguards current rents
    • Accommodate deferrals and payment plans with collections reporting
  • Staying Connected: Using RentCafe for U.S. Clients

    Clients in the U.S. can join us to learn how you can improve communications and services while limiting physical interactions. Protect your staff and residents using a wide variety of tools already available to you. Discover best practices, explore new uses and get answers to your questions from our product team.

    Register now to learn more about:

    • Text payments
    • Alexa payments & work orders
    • Email & text communication strategies
    • Service opportunities through resident portals
    • Online apartment tours
  • Preparing Voyager for Compliance Interviews Through RentCafe Affordable Housing

    Join this recorded session to understand the prerequisites required in Voyager Affordable Housing to utilize our HUD 50059 and Tax Credit Leading Practice workflows in RentCafe Affordable Housing. We will cover the set up information from wait lists to work orders.

  • Staying Connected: Using RentCafe PHA for Interim Certifications & Online Payments

    Join us for a short demonstration of the RentCafe PHA online certification tools. This free webinar will show how to use RentCafe PHA to communicate online with residents and participants to help facilitate social distancing, and ultimately foster a safe environment and achieve greater operational efficiency.

    We’ll cover:

    • Online interim certifications
    • Online payments
    • Document uploads
    • Site Manager
    • Communication strategies
  • How COVID-19 Changes Affordable Housing Compliance

    Join a free webinar to learn how core compliance activities can still be completed in spite of office closures, employees working remotely and applicants unable to visit your office for assistance.

    We’ll cover:

    • Reimagining certification processes including using online technology to accommodate social distancing
    • Interim recertifications for households that experience lost income
    • Utilizing HUD streamlining, agency tax credit policy changes and extenuating circumstances
    • Collaborating with state and local agencies to fill vacant units
  • Rent Deferral & Recovery Payment Plans for U.S. Multifamily & Affordable Housing Clients

    If you’re looking for a way to accommodate residents who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re here to help. Join this webinar to learn more about our rent deferral and recovery payment plan features.

    We will discuss:

    • New rent deferral & recovery payment plans in Voyager & RentCafe CRM
    • RentCafe resident portal tools for verification & electronic signatures
    • Upcoming enhancements
  • Student Housing Industry Outlook

    In an unprecedented move, universities were forced to shut down this spring amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The health crisis has spurred a recession, there is worry about a second wave of the coronavirus and questions remain as to how universities will open and operate this fall. Student housing has proven to be recession proof in the past, but is it pandemic proof? Join our panel of Yardi Matrix experts for a discussion on the changing landscape of student housing amidst the current global health crisis.

    You will learn: 

    • Student demographics and the value proposition of an on-campus college education
    • Short and long-term financial impact of COVID-19 on universities
    • Best and worst-case scenarios for student housing operators
    • A look at early financial and operational indicators for the upcoming fall term
    • Targeted areas for opportunity in the “shadow market,” where conventional multifamily may cater to students in need of housing
  • May Update: COVID-19’s Impact on Multifamily Real Estate

    This is a follow up to our April 1 webinar which provided a comprehensive overview of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on multifamily real estate. Join our panel of Yardi experts for a market update based on the latest data.

    • Update on financial markets, economic indicators, government monetary & fiscal policy actions including updates on the CARES Act, eviction moratoriums and efforts to stabilize small business
    • Update on multifamily industry fundamentals and trends
    • Long-term discussion on reversal or acceleration of certain fundamental trends
    • Operational response: downturn playbook update
    • Shape and timing of recovery
  • May Update: COVID-19’s Impact on Commercial Real Estate

    This is a follow up to our April 2 webinar which provided a comprehensive overview of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on commercial real estate. Join our panel of Yardi experts for a market update based on the latest data.

    • Update on financial markets, economic indicators, government monetary & fiscal policy actions including updates on the CARES Act and efforts to stabilize small business
    • Rent, vacancy, availability and new supply trends by asset type, both nationally and regionally
    • Employment sectors most significantly disrupted by the pandemic
    • Long-term discussion on reversal or acceleration of certain fundamental trends
    • Investment arena responses
    • Tech tools to enable social distancing
    • Shape and timing of the recovery
  • Operational Strategies Conversation with Greg Slang of KETTLER

    Listen as Greg Slang, executive vice president of asset management at KETTLER, shares insights on the strategies his team has adopted to maintain business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • COVID-19’s Impact on Commercial Real Estate

    COVID-19 is now a global pandemic. Worldwide supply chains are being tested and many industries are beginning to furlough workers. Equity, bond and commodity markets have declined rapidly. How is the commercial real estate industry reacting to this international health crisis? Join our panel of Yardi experts for a discussion of the economic and real estate impacts of COVID-19.

    • Impact of measures taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 on demand for office, industrial and retail real estate
    • Employment sectors most significantly disrupted by the pandemic
    • How is the impact differentiated by market?
    • Repercussions of remote working on the co-working and office industry
    • Initial response in the investment arena
    • A look forward: what industries will rebound the fastest?
  • COVID-19’s Impact on Multifamily Real Estate

    COVID-19 is now a global pandemic. Worldwide supply chains are being tested and many industries are beginning to furlough workers. Equity, bond and commodity markets have declined rapidly. How is the multifamily real estate industry reacting to this international health crisis? Join our panel of Yardi experts for a discussion of the economic and real estate impacts of COVID-19.

    • Impact of measures taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 on apartment demand
    • Employment sectors most significantly disrupted by the pandemic
    • Federal and local government regulations for evictions, missed rent payments and rent control
    • How is the impact differentiated by market?
    • Initial response in the investment arena
    • A look forward: how COVID-19 will impact rent growth and occupancy forecasts in major markets
  • Self Storage Spring National Outlook

    Delivery of new self storage properties has slowed compared to previous years, and operators continue to feel lease up pressure. Demand remains steady and strong in certain hotbed markets, but oversupply continues to depress street rates in many markets. Which markets are finally showing signs of strength after years of declining performance? Should markets with large pipelines anticipate upcoming lease up pain and rate impacts?

    • Economic and commercial real estate impacts of COVID-19
    • The macroeconomic landscape
    • Self storage demand drivers
    • Changes to the new supply pipeline at the national and regional levels
    • Key markets outside the top 30 MSAs with development opportunity
    • Markets with opportunities to drive street rates
    • Technology advances that will drive NOI
  • NMHC Rent Payment Tracker Webinar Series

    After release of the NMHC Rent Payment Tracker data, experts from the five leading property management data companies will provide additional detail on the week’s data at a live webinar. Webinars are held weekly on Fridays at 8:30 a.m. PDT and previous webinar recordings are available as well.

  • VIDEOS: Leveraging RentCafe Senior Living & EHR Solutions

    Visit Client Central to view on-demand training videos specific to our Yardi Senior Living Suite solutions, including:

    • Using RentCafe Resident and Family Portals with EHR
    • Marketing website solutions to support social distancing
    • Providing additional payment solutions to residents and families