Work Life Balance

By on Jun 24, 2020 in People

You know that coworker who always wants to show you pictures of their grandkids? Every successful company has one—and with good reason. Compassionate people draw joy and strength from the success of others! Harding Easley is one such grandfather. His work-life balance and zeal for his granddaughter’s career has helped her latest project become the #1 film in America.

Harding Easley

Finding balance with Yardi

When Easley joined the Yardi team five years ago, he was drawn to the company’s demonstrated prioritization of work-life balance. Today, Easley is an account executive with the Yardi Matrix sales team. He demonstrates how data can empower prospects and clients with the information needed to make better business decisions. From multifamily to commercial properties, he helps clients discover how to assess prospective sights, benchmark performance and target the right market using data and reporting.

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Breaking box office records against the odds

Easley’s ability to target the right market carries over to his work outside of the office. The account executive plays a leading role in his granddaughter’s marketing team. Granddaughter Ja’Layah Washington is a professional model and actress. Since the age of six, Easley has helped the starlet establish a presence in the industry. He happily created and manages her website. His skills have helped to successfully catch the attention of the right casting directors at the right time.

Harding with granddaughter Ja’Layah at a family reunion.

“I used to be an actor, and I often joke that I gave Ja’Layah my acting skills gene,” laughs Easley. “Her mom was a model as well, so between the two of us Ja’Layah has always had that ‘Disney’ star power from a young age.”

The proud grandfather is the biggest marketer and advocate for the film The Wretched, where Ja’Layah plays Lily. Released during the COVID-19 lockdown, Easley knew that the film faced a challenging market. Fortunately, drive-in theaters picked up the film and catapulted it to success as the #1 horror film in the nation. It has held the spot for several weeks to date.

“The Wretched’s success really speaks to the adaptability of the American spirit,” reflects Easley. “We are a resilient people in America, able to adapt and overcome while working to perfect our union. It was a joy to see folks practicing social distancing while also ridding themselves of cabin fever. Having my granddaughter’s talent on the big screen to be shared by drive-in movie goers during a critical time will also be a part of both family and national history with the movie being #1.”

Yardi + work-life balance

Easley adds, “Yardi’s emphasis on a work-life balance has helped this happen. I’m able to spend quality time with my family. I’m able to work on promoting my granddaughter’s talents through her online presence. The Yardi family has also been very supportive. It’s a proud moment for us.”

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