Rising to Challenges

By on May 20, 2020 in People

It’s common for career paths to resemble the gradual assembly of a puzzle rather than the setting down of a yardstick. We begin with all the pieces, but it may take an external influence to help us see the whole picture. Queenette Chappell found herself sitting across from a career counselor with a slew of talents, a strong work ethic, and uncertainty of what to do next.

Queenette Chappell

Chappell wanted a career that merged her calculative mindset with her soft skills. “I wasn’t sure whether that existed,” she recalls. “I went to the UCSB career center looking for advice. They told me that an account manager job at a company named Yardi would be the perfect fit for me.”


Rising to the Challenge

She began as an account manager and accelerated to become the manager of the Santa Barbara Investment Management Practice Group in fewer than five years. Now, she fortifies valuable relationships with clients by ensuring that her team provides exceptional support.

“I focus on investing in our team’s development: conducting deep trainings, having frequent conversations about their careers, organizing team events, and introducing them to the greater Yardi community in monthly ‘Donut Fridays’ with other teams,” she shares.

That is a modest overview of her responsibilities, of course. The intricacies of daily operations highlight why investment management roles are both challenging and rewarding.

“Our clients structure their investment deals specifically to their business processes and requirements,” she explains. “Each client uses Yardi software differently, and our account managers and consultants need to give customized support to each client. To support these varied structures, we have robust products that give our clients the ability to exercise flexibility and customization.”

Such complex software requires account managers and consultants with a fine eye for detail and a healthy appetite for technical intricacies. Team members must have a nuanced understanding of investment management and in-depth knowledge of the functionality that the software provides. Clients trust Yardi team members to help consolidate their financials, track cash transactions from their investors, and manage waterfall deals among many other functions.

“All of those factors lead to a unique challenge for the Investment Management team. They are also what makes working on our team fulfilling. The account managers and consultants are intelligent, driven, and dedicated people.”


Growing with Yardi

Her path to leadership is paved with a continually evolving knowledge of the industry as well as personal development. “When I started at Yardi, I had no knowledge of the property management technology world. I did not know what a rent roll was or the difference between a balance sheet and an income statement or how to write an SQL query,” she admits. “I had only managed a small retail store and had an accounting internship where I reconciled bank statements, but I was eager to learn about investment management.”

Now, she confidently writes complicated SQL based reports, consults with clients about their financial standing and forecasts, and has led several internal trainings in preparation for the Yardi Advanced Solutions Conferences (YASC). “Most importantly, I am learning how to lead a team of high caliber employees. I learned all these things because a lot of colleagues took the time to teach, encourage and challenge me along the way.”

In addition to a supportive work environment, Queenette believes that mindset plays a vital role in success within the organization. “I would advise anyone interested in a long-term career at Yardi to stay curious about their clients and the software. They should look for ways to improve their skills and deepen the knowledge of the industry that they support.”

Additionally, she recommends seeing excellence as a team standard that must be elevated by every member. “Assist your colleagues and look to bring them along with you as you learn and grow. Be invested in the success of your team and the company,” she says.

Learn more about careers at Yardi, visit careers.yardi.com.