Jeff Adler

By on Feb 29, 2016 in People

Jeff Adler knows more than a thing or two about the needs of real estate investment executives. Before joining Yardi in 2014, he walked in those shoes for more than a decade.

“We are real estate people serving other real estate peopleADLER.JEFF,” says Adler, Vice President of Yardi Matrix, a market intelligence product, of his colleagues. “We are passionate about data accuracy and saving investment real estate professionals’ time.”

Before joining Yardi, Adler was CEO/COO for several sponsor and investor platforms in the student, military, senior, single-family and multi-family space. He also spent seven years as Chief Property Operations Officer at AIMCO, a major mixed-portfolio REIT.

Today, he spends his days focused on pushing the Yardi Matrix product to new heights. For those who are not familiar with the product, Matrix is a tool set for commercial real estate investment professionals. It primarily helps them do three things: source and originate investment transactions, pre-underwrite investment transactions, and manage existing assets.

Matrix also provides monthly, comprehensive reporting about multifamily trends across the United States. The information is widely sourced by business news professionals and first to market with the latest insights. You can find Yardi Matrix Monthly online at the start of each month.

We spoke with Jeff Adler about the new enhancements forthcoming for Matrix and how it can help real estate professionals solve problems and save time.

How does Yardi Matrix help our clients?

Adler: Commercial real estate investment professionals rely on us to make them more productive and more profitable. Accurate information and analysis does not matter until it is YOUR deal, and then, you want everything to be accurate and immediately available.

What are some pain points typically encountered by those seeking this type of information?

Adler: Today, investors have to go to multiple different sources to get the data they need. When we are finished with our four major enhancements this year, we will be able to meet each department’s need for investment information – in a single location and at the same time.

How will the product be enhanced in 2016?

Adler: We have a very aggressive but attainable product roadmap enhancement schedule. For our multifamily clients, we will be unveiling a major upgrade to our occupancy tracking, which synchronizes U.S. Postal Service records with our data, for a fully data-driven approach to occupancy, rather than relying on word-of-mouth.

Who can use Yardi Matrix?

Adler: We serve five different industries: Lenders, brokers (investment/sales and mortgage), equity investors, owners and operators, and service providers.

What sets Matrix apart from the competition?

Adler: Six things put us far above everybody else. We have all the in-place loans. We pierce the corporate LLC’s to get the true owners. We have real contacts, so once someone identifies something they want to do, they can call the right person.

We have a detailed unit mix, not just a general unit mix. Our ratings are under a patented structure, which is unique in the industry and extraordinarily valuable. Finally, our coverage – we have 13.5 million units that we cover in our coverage universe, covering 80 percent of the U.S. population – every asset over 50 units in multifamily.

You are also expanding in the commercial realm, correct?

Adler: We also have an office sector, where we cover 3 billion square feet and over 13,000 properties. For industrial real estate, we have another 2 billion square feet and over 6,000 properties. Over the course of 2015, the coverage universe for both office and industrial will double.

We will also be integrating Property Shark, the Yardi-owned provider of New York City-based property records data, with Matrix to create Matrix Express. This will provide valuable information for asset types and classes that do not warrant the labor intensive processing that we do within Matrix.

How does Matrix integrate with other Yardi products?

Adler: Our data currently feeds the revenue management module, RENTmaximizer, and will shortly feed the Business Intelligence module, as well as the emerging Commercial Broker suite.

What else should people know about Matrix?

Adler: It is important to understand that we do not draw any data out of the Yardi cloud. Everything we are talking about is independently sourced.