Coolest Suburbs

By on Nov 7, 2019 in News

ApartmentTherapy recently released its 2019 Coolest Suburbs in America list! If your city is on the list, there are several ways to make the ranking work for your community. This is free marketing made easy!

The List

Creating the list was a collaboration between Apartment Therapy, Google, Etsy, and a hodgepodge of other entities needed to determine “what’s a suburb” and “what’s cool?” In short, Apartment Therapy looked for towns near major cities where “it didn’t feel like you’d be making a ton of sacrifices by moving out of the city.” Nearly 25 cities made the list, but these shining stars earned superlatives.

  • Reader’s Choice- Oak Park, Illinois
  • Most Popular- Arlington, Texas
  • Most Walkable- Hoboken, New Jersey
  • Best for Crafters- Naperville, Illinois
  • Best for Bikers- Carmel, Indiana
  • Best for Hikers- Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

These cities appeal to what modern renters want: convenience, space, and plenty to do in the area.

Reaping the Benefits

If your town is on this list, your location is a fantastic selling feature for your community! The economic growth, cost of living, and quality of life in your area hold quantifiable value. Using revenue management software can ensure that you’re getting the best rent rate for your location. It can also address metrics like concessions and other factors to help you increase rental income by an average of 6 percent.

With the financial aspect set, you’re ready to welcome new prospects with confidence.  Research by G2 reveals the impact of reviews on how products sell. When your town ranks well on a list by a popular website like Apartment Therapy, organic traffic to sites about your town increases! Ensure that you are taking advantage of the suddenly popularity with an expert SEO and SEM strategy.

Additional real estate marketing tools can help you get the word out about your fantastic suburb and what it has to offer. Piggyback off the list’s popularity by sharing the article and using its associated hashtags on social media. In your strategy, also be sure to demonstrate desirable features of your suburb, perks of your community, and examples of resident satisfaction. Testimonials work wonders!

Keep your eye out for other lists that positively rank your suburb, town, or neighborhood. Each provides a great opportunity for piggyback marketing.