BOMI Sustainability

By on May 10, 2017 in News

Yardi has helped fund a high-performance sustainability training program offered by educational organization BOMI International. Five new scenBOMIimageario-based online modules funded by the grant will help train facilities managers, tenants and maintenance workers how to collaborate in making buildings’ heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems operate more efficiently.

The training program, titled “High-Performance Sustainable Buildings: HVAC Optimization,” uses animated, real-life scenarios highlighting comfort, business and sustainability factors. Concepts include assessment best practices, demand response strategies, the role of analytics tools and procedures for engaging third-party support.

“Yardi challenged BOMI International with designing a program that sets the standard for online, interactive training related to HVAC operations,” said Jeffrey Horn, president and CEO of BOMI International. “I strongly believe we’ve accomplished that mission and thank Yardi for the opportunity to stretch our capabilities.”

“We are excited to support BOMI International’s efforts to merge technology advances and energy insight into new best practices that benefit the industry,” said Matt Eggers, vice president of Yardi Energy. “The new learning program gives stakeholders in commercial property management new tools for increasing energy efficiency.”

Learn more about the program and gain free access to the first learning module.

BOMI International, a nonprofit educational organization founded in 1970 and based in Annapolis, Md., provides critical education and expertise to industry personnel with property, facility and building systems management responsibilities.

More than 27,000 industry professionals hold one or more BOMI International designations, and more than 90,000 property and facility management professionals have turned to BOMI International for their continuing education, professional development and staff training needs.

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