Behind the Lens

By on Jul 25, 2018 in Marketing

Marquette Management, based just outside Chicago, manages properties in five states. Marquette’s mission is to increase the quality of life of their residents by building great communities and providing extraordinary customer service. To keep occupancy up across their twenty-seven communities, Marquette uses RENTCafé Reach to drive more renters to their properties.

This year, our film team traveled to one of Marquette’s premier communities, Catalyst Chicago, to visit and film with Marquette’s senior vice president, Darlene Egan. Marquette’s Catalyst communities are luxury properties with high-end amenities designed to help residents live their best lives. After a call with Darlene where she relayed the high-occupancy Catalyst Chicago has been enjoying, we immediately got to work writing a video to highlight Marquette’s success. Keep reading to learn more about the video process and their digital marketing success story.

Making the Video

In Chicago, we filmed with Darlene over the course of two days – one of which had our team filming with Darlene in a snow flurry! Initially, the unexpected flurry threatened to shut down production for the day, but we realized that we could turn the obstacle into art. Working with Darlene, we made the flurry a central part of the video, filming in slow-motion amidst the impromptu storm in order to create a sense of mystery and awe in Chicago’s West Loop.

We created this video to highlight not only Marquette’s success using RENTCafé Reach but also to tell the story of what a prospect might experience when visiting Catalyst Chicago for the first time. The video tells the story of a day-in-the-life on the property, from Darlene’s perspective. In the video, while Darlene discusses marketing with her team, a second narrative develops, telling the story of a young couple that finds Catalyst online, then tours the property and signs a lease.

It was important for us to connect the idea of Catalyst’s successful marketing with Darlene because we like the idea that when prospects connect with a property, they’re not just clicking an ad or following a link – they’re forming a new relationship.

As more brands in the real estate industry start to use video to tell their stories, it’s becoming increasingly important to highlight the emotional connections customers and residents make with their homes. Research suggests that by 2020, more than 50% of all marketing content will be made from outside a brand – in other words, marketing content like photos and videos will be produced by residents, not marketers. If we can tell aspirational, impactful stories like Marquette’s that highlight the underlying emotional connection residents have with the property management brands that serve them, we’ll create a great foundation for customers to build onto when they bring their own stories online. Creating short, nuanced stories that are built around the customer journey can help prospects connect with and better understand your brand.

Working with RENTCafé Reach

To attract qualified prospects and reach more renters, Marquette has chosen RENTCafé Reach to enhance their online property listings and increase organic traffic. RENTCafé Reach is designed to make your properties stand out to potential residents in today’s crowded digital marketplace. It’s comprised of five distinct services—search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media posting, reputation management and promoted internet listings—that work together to ensure your communities are positioned to attract more prospects, no matter how renters choose to search.

With the ambitions to expand into fifteen new markets, Marquette recognizes how important easy-to-use, advanced marketing services are for driving growth. “We consider RENTCafé Reach to be our indispensable digital marketing partner,” said Darlene. “Great marketing requires both creativity and digital precision, RENTCafé Reach delivers both.”

Sharing the Spotlight

Here at Yardi, we love to highlight our clients’ success. We have created dozens of videos like these and many success stories, and we consistently find both to be a valuable resource for everyone involved. Do you have a great story to tell? Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.