Yardi Systems is the industry’s leading investment, asset and property management system with over 4,000 clients across the globe from a variety of mixed sectors in Retail, Office, Industrial and Residential real estate. Here are a selection of quotes from some our clients in the Asia Pacific region and across the globe in Europe, Middle East and North America.

More than ten million residential units and up to 750 million square metres of commercial space are under management with Yardi solutions. We look forward to assisting all our clients with their investment, asset and property management needs.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • “Voyager and Investment Management will significantly improve our internal and investor reporting because we can perform it from one platform with minimal spreadsheet involvement.”

    Author's imageVisionary Investment GroupSYDNEY - Australia
  • “Our reputation relies on delivering our clients fast, efficient and personalised service. The cloud-based Voyager solution and Yardi’s impressive product support will help us meet our clients’ full expectations.”

    Author's imageDBR Property ServicesMELBOURNE - Australia
  • “We needed a system that could meet our current needs while accommodating growth in our property portfolio. Voyager was the obvious choice for us. We will manage our properties more efficiently with a platform built specifically for commercial property management.”

    Author's imageFJM PropertySYDNEY - Australia

“Voyager gives us a completely integrated property management system. Along with efficiently managing our properties, we anticipate providing better service to our clients through the cloud, with mobile work orders, inspections and invoice processing capabilities.

Voyager’s different modules offer us automation of processes, giving us time savings that can be used to focus more on our clients’ assets and reporting. The reporting tools and functions will provide greater and more useful information for users across the board; from the asset manager through to contractors, tenants and landlords. We understand how important rigorous financial reporting is, and along with our proactive asset management approach believe we are well-positioned to protect and enhance the value of any investment.

Our transition to Yardi has been a smooth and seamless process which would not have been possible without the help, support and guidance of Yardi’s highly skilled consulting team.”

Author's imageGibb GroupSYDNEY - Australia
  • “As our properties under management continue to grow, we recognised the need for the improved efficiency and scalability that Voyager provides. Yardi’s position at the forefront of real estate software development and design made Voyager the obvious choice.”

    Author's imageWHK CommercialWOLLONGONG - Australia
  • “Yardi is used by the world’s largest property and investment managers, and we believe it will give us greater control and oversight. It will allow us to make the best investment decisions and deliver greater value to our clients.”

    Author's imageZACD GroupSingapore
  • “We will initially use Voyager to manage a commercial complex which is located in the heart of Karle Town Centre. Longer term, we may take on a much larger concentration of buildings. With that growth in mind, we were impressed by Voyager’s ease of scalability, which is important as our business expands.”

    Author's imageKarle Infra Pvt. LtdIndia
  • “An extensive search for an end-to-end investment management platform revealed that Yardi’s comprehensive offering was the correct choice for our organization. Yardi Investment Management, InvestorPlus and Investor Portal provide not only a front office CRM tool but also visibility into our back office accounting and investor reporting for our funds and syndicates.”

    Author's imageAugusta Funds Management LimitedAUCKLAND - Australia
  • “We were impressed to find that Yardi was the only provider offering an enterprise-wide platform that could cover all of our diverse business requirements. The Yardi solutions are an important part of enhancing our systems and strategic growth plans.”

    Author's imageSouth Haven GroupSYDNEY - Australia
  • “We manage, operate, and invest in property both on, and around airports in the Netherlands. It’s a complex portfolio consisting of both commercial and operational properties which means we have multiple reporting and compliance requirements. Operating on a single platform, using one vendor and login, will help us drive much greater process efficiency opposed to using multiple, disparate systems.”

    Author's imageSchiphol Real EstateAmsterdam
  • “This selection helped unify our business by standardising the majority of our property managers on Voyager,” said Charles Hunt, managing director for CHP Management. “Voyager gives us the foundation for expanding our portfolio providing large gains in performance. The go-live and first month close-off processes went very smoothly.”

    Author's imageCHP ManagementMELBOURNE - Australia
  • “As our business expands, we recognised the need for a fully integrated platform that can help us manage funds and report to investors along with day-to-day accounting and property management operations,” said Julian Brophy, finance manager for Newmark Capital.”

    Author's imageNewmark CapitalSYDNEY - Australia
  • “We’ve been using Yardi software for over ten years and have been very happy with how the software has performed. With new GST regulations coming on in Malaysia, our group saw this time as an opportunity to upgrade to the latest software from Yardi. Voyager 7S allows us to create a new vision for our real estate operations. Its workflow and template tools give us greater transparency in our processes, reduce risk and provide greater certainty for all of our stake holders,” said Jing Yuan Ng, Director of Eng Lian. “It will also help us adopt industry best practices across the board and increase the level of services that we can provide our tenants.”

    Author's imageEng Lian Enterprise Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
  • “We chose Voyager because we need a system that can accommodate our current and anticipated business needs,” said Brad Price, property manager for Stevens Partners. “Voyager is an end-to-end solution, together with reliable local support, will allow us to perform a wide array of internal operations and client services from a single platform.”

    Author's imageStevens PartnersAdelaide – Australia
  • “We’re excited to be working with Yardi after having gone through an extensive selection process,” said Greg Preston, director for Preston Rowe Paterson. “Voyager gives us the foundation to continue to expand our business and while increasing the breadth of services we can provide clients. By leveraging the Yardi Cloud, our team is able to focus on client excellence, leaving the complexities of managing complicated IT systems to Yardi and their local customer support team in Sydney.”

    Author's imagePreston RoweSYDNEY - Australia
  • “After evaluating multiple vendors, we chose Yardi due to the extensive capabilities of Voyager, its ease of use for both in office and mobile users, as well as Yardi’s strong support team in Sydney. In addition, the Voyager Software as a Service(SaaS) model provides us with the efficiency, consistency and insight across our real estate operations to enable us to make faster and more informed decisions without the hassle of worrying about managing IT systems,” comments Rune Henriksen, Financial Controller for VennCap Real Estate.

    Venncapp Real EstateSYDNEY - Australia
  • “The rich feature set in Yardi Voyager provides a fully integrated real estate operations platform which will scale to our aggressive growth forecast,” comments Steve Day, managing director at Propertylink. “The Voyager Software as a Service (SaaS) model will help us sustain our goal of continuous expansion in our client services, without having to worry about IT infrastructure.”

    PropertylinkSYDNEY - Australia
  • “Very few systems provide an end-to-end solution and this was a key driver in our extensive selection process. We believe Voyager will provide us with the right tools to keep us on track with our property management operations and maximise return on investment for our owners,” said David Brown, principal at DB Property. “Yardi’s Software as a Service (SaaS) environment and strong local support will allow us to save on additional layers of technological costs while operating more efficiently and profitably.”

    DB PropertySYDNEY - Australia

KCL Property will use Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting to generate budget projections for property-related revenue and expenses with tenant lease data drawn directly from Yardi Voyager. “This automated, flexible solution contains several features that will make our annual budgeting cycle shorter, more accurate and more efficient,” said Adrian Leach, group accountant for KCL Property. “By building our budgeting solution into Voyager rather than importing and exporting data, we shorten our forecast preparations and update actuals and run variance reports in real time. When necessary, we can reforecast monthly and quarterly budgets using actuals at the click of a button. Multiple staff members can work on portions of budgets, which is more efficient than a single user working on one budget at a time. All this is possible because we no longer need to rely on Excel spreadsheets, which are not only open to user error but can also be inaccurate and time consuming to maintain.”

KCL Property Ltd. New Plymouth - New Zealand
  • “Following an evaluation of marketplace options, we concluded that Yardi Voyager best suits our goals of producing income for our investor clients and managing risk across our diversified portfolio. We also like how it looks. It’s very intuitive and user-friendly,” said Michael Parker, fund manager for OzProp.

    OzPropSYDNEY - Australia
  • “We were impressed with Voyager’s extensive functionality, ease of use and strong local presence. Voyager will help us make well-informed business decisions by improving our business processes resulting in better service for our tenants,” said the financial controller of VIT, Mr Lawrence Chan.

    Viva Industrial Trust ManagementSingapore

“We regard Voyager 7S and the Yardi team in Australia as the best choice for helping us extend our asset and property management services as we continue to aggressively grow” said Michael Haddrick, managing director for Comac Retail Property Group

Cormac Retail Property GroupSYDNEY - Australia
  • “The need for centralised and accurate control of all our real estate interests across the world has never been greater with our growth,” comments Mark Gray, Managing Director at Leighton Properties. “Moving to a single, scalable, real estate SaaS platform with Yardi Voyager will allow us to increase and enhance operational efficiency throughout our real estate operationsin our continuous commitment to delivering value and enhancing returns to our investors.”

    Leighton PropertiesSYDNEY - Australia
  • Matar Al Qamzi, Chief Information Officer at TDIC, said: “TDIC’s IT vision is to automate the business operations by implementing latest tools & technology. As part of that strategic initiative, we partnered with Yardi for our Asset Management business systems.”

    TDICABU DHABI — United Arab Emirates
  • “After an extensive evaluation process, we’ve chosen to implement Yardi Voyager as our key solution as it is unique in providing a fully integrated real estate Software as a Service(SaaS)platform together with a strong support team in Australia.” comments Gareth Sneade, Development and Investment Manager, Fife Capital.

    FIFE CapitalSYDNEY - Australia
  • Karen Lau, head of asset management at Sniper Capital, commented: “Selecting Yardi Voyager is aligned to our rigorous investment selection processes. Voyager is an exclusive and fully integrated real estate SaaS platform which we will be utilising in our continuous commitment to delivering value and enhancing returns to our investors.”

    Sniper CapitalHONG KONG – Republic of China
  • “Our vision has been to not only drive increases in our investors returns, but deliver our tenants a highly positive, value-add experience through the streamlining of operational efficiency”, explains Steward LaBrooy, CEO at Axis REIT Managers Berhad, the manager of AXIS Real Estate Investment Trust. “We needed a solution that would enable us to deliver a more effective annual budgeting and forecasting cycle, and valuations and more effective management tool for our capital and existing enhancement projects. Voyager, its extensive functionality, ease of use and scalability combined with local, regional support meant Yardi were the best partner to meet our requirements.”

    Axis Real EstateMalaysia
  • “We needed to update our systems and streamline the management of a large and growing property portfolio with a solution which could easily be expanded to meet our growth and operational requirements”, explains David Mason, chief financial officer at Cambridge Industrial Trust. “Following a comprehensive evaluation of a number of vendors we selected the Voyager solution based on its extensive functionality, ease of use and scalability. Yardi’s enhanced local support in this region meant they were the best partner to meet our requirements.”

    Cambridge Industrial TrustSingapore
  • “We needed to streamline our property management operations with a scalable solution; a platform that we could easily extend in alignment with Cache’s business growth”, explains Jasemin Tjan, Senior Property Manager. “We conducted an extensive evaluation of vendors and based on Voyager’s extensive functionality, ease of use and strong local presence and concluded that Yardi was the best partner to help us meet our requirements.”

    Cache PropertySingapore
  • “After an extensive evaluation process, we determined that only Yardi provides a fully integrated real estate platform that met all of our needs in a single application”, comments Daryl Wilson – Chief Financial Officer, Cromwell Property Group. “Moving to a single, scalable platform will allow us to increase operational efficiency through all levels of our business, provide higher value client services and enable focus on our growth forecast”.

    Cromwell Property GroupSYDNEY - Australia
  • “We needed to replace a number of systems to streamline the business and at the same time, ensure the technology within the company could support our plans for growth”, comments Ms. Tan Chiew Kian, Chief Financial Officer of Sabana Real Estate Investment Management Pte. Ltd.. “Yardi’s platform had numerous strengths: its ease of use, scalability and strong financial accounting and reporting functionality. It is also extremely important that Yardi shows a dedication to supporting clients within the local regions”.

    Sabana Real Estate Investment Management Pte. Ltd.Singapore
  • “We are very excited to be implementing Yardi”, explains Riyadh Davids – General Manager at Nasser Lootah Real Estate. “The cloud services and single integrated system approach will mean we can make great improvements in streamlining our internal processes and client facing services. We are also firm believers that a strong local client base and the ability to support client’s needs in the UAE local is a particularly important aspect. Yardi clearly does this.”

    Nasser Lootah Real EstateDUBAI – United Arab Emirates

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