Investment Suite

Real Estate Investment Management

Investor on tablet computer
A fully integrated, end-to-end business solution that centralises data and delivers greater operational efficiency and reduced cycle times by automating front and back office operations across the real estate investment lifecycle.

Intelligent performance measurement and on-demand reporting help real estate investment managers, fund accountants and General Partnerships execute highly informed investment strategies to develop portfolio performance and deliver growth. Full operational transparency and compliance delivers enhanced confidence.

Yardi Investment Suite


  • Investment Management

    A fully automated investment management solution that enables managers to reduce process cycle times and make better, more informed decisions that benefit their clients.

  • InvestorPlus

    Serve your investors and their consultants by delivering CRM and business intelligence directly to their mobile and tablet devices via the cloud. This front office solution’s CRM functionality automatically tracks investor information, activities, tasks and correspondence.

  • Investor Portal

    Yardi Investor Portal makes important investment information including statements, tax documents, and capital call and distribution notices available via mobile devices.

  • Software as a Service

    Yardi SaaS utilises more than 10 data centers around the world to enable faster, best practice based deployment of our latest platforms.