Unit Sales CRM

Streamline lead-to-owner sales management

Easily manage and track all the business processes and tasks related to the sale of units. Intuitive workflows begin with capturing leads and creating prospect records, reserving units, converting prospects to owners, collecting billed charges and transferring unit ownership.


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Automated Workflows

Track the progress of a unit sale from the first contact with a prospect to the completed sale and handover. Create sales lead records and add detailed history and property information as the sale progresses to ensure a faster more efficient lead-to-sale lifecycle.

Deliver end-to-end lead and sales management.

  • Automate sales procedures, bookings, billings cancellations, re-sales and simplified handovers
  • Increase business intelligence with analytics and reporting
  • Integrates seamlessly with Yardi Voyager

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Flexible System

Easily configure Unit Sales CRM to specific employee roles, sales agents, and sales owner stages with role specific options. Allow each user to view the most relevant information that is most important to their function within the unit sales cycle.

Configure dashboards according to roles and attributes.

  • Pause purchases in progress and resume completion later
  • Search calendar displays tasks and events with due dates
  • Advanced search tools find units based on individual and property attributes

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Analytic Reporting

Analytics and reporting with drill-down give you comprehensive insight with reporting for sales events, contacts, leads, unit owners, and billing activity.

View single records or review calculations based on data from multiple records.

Run reports that give you unrivalled transparency across each stage of the sales cycle.

  • Lead-to-owner tracking from initial contact through to reservation
  • Billing and completed sales
  • Owner ledger analytics