Orion Business Intelligence

  • Penetrating Insight

    Create simple-to-use dashboards that provide an unrivalled view of your business to analyse the health and performance of your entire portfolio.

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Yardi Orion™ Business Intelligence is a unique platform that will revolutionise your real estate operations by providing a 360-degree view of your business. Through flexible reports and dashboards, this groundbreaking solution expands secure access and unlocks key data to help owners and managers monitor and improve property and portfolio performance.

Product Highlights


  • Powerful Analytics

    Orion Business Intelligence combines the financial, operational, and ancillary data housed in your Yardi Voyager®Yardi Residential Suite™ and  Yardi Commercial Suite™ products to give you a holistic view of your operations, including financials, spending, rental pricing, energy management, applicant screening, and more. Easy-to-build dashboards utilising drag and drop functionality enable action-oriented, real-time monitoring of trends in resident and tenant, property, portfolio and business-wide performance. With Orion Business Intelligence you get total visibility with rich, detailed, and configurable reporting and analytics – information that can be combined for unique insights, and acted on to drive improved portfolio performance.

  • Mobile Platform

    Orion Business Intelligence is a browser-agnostic, mobile-friendly platform that delivers reporting and dashboards to tablets. You can create customised views of property and resident or tenant data through an intuitive tablet touch interface, with the same level of personalisation and customised reporting available on your desktop computer.

Key Features
  • Configurable, interactive dashboards with drag-and-drop tiles and widgets
  • User-defined KPI targets and benchmark thresholds
  • Custom SSRS reporting with Voyager analytics and ad-hoc Excel analysis
  • Performance metrics with instant slicing, dicing, and pivoting data
  • Mobile accessibility across multiple devices and browsers
Key Benefits
  • Leverages your operational, financial, and ancillary data in Voyager for holistic insight
  • Helps you easily monitor operations using internal key performance indicators
  • Delivers greater transparency into performance at portfolio, property, and resident or tenant levels
  • Provides 24/7 access from any mobile device to key decision-making tools