Take the hassle out of staff training

Improve job performance and increase employee satisfaction by providing on-demand training through a convenient online platform.


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Engage with Staff

Boost productivity with training materials that learners can easily understand, retain, and revisit when needed.

Improve your employees’ knowledge of Yardi products and key industry topics with permission-based access to training courses written and maintained by Yardi professionals.

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Craft a Plan

Make it easy for employees to keep on track with customisable training plans.

Provide staff with a training plan customised for their role in your organisation. New employees will quickly become valuable members of your organisation. Existing employees will gain advanced knowledge to further their career paths.

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Build a Curriculum

Enhance staff knowledge using a library of courses written by Yardi along with editing tools to create your own custom content.

Yardi eLearning gives you the tools you need to quickly roll out courses with just the right content.

  • Interactive templates
  • Audio and video
  • Customisable HTML format
  • Quizzes and class discussions
  • Hover-style glossaries

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Track Your Progress

Gain oversight with a convenient dashboard to track user progress, run analytics, and craft new training plans.

Improve oversight and training communication.

  • Knowledge checks and custom testing requirements
  • Automated course reminders
  • Company news
  • Training surveys

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Get Easy Access

Reduce time entering usernames and passwords with single sign-on technology.

Streamline access to applications such as HRIS systems, help desks, webinars, and more. Yardi eLearning makes it easy for users to access these solutions without having to enter a separate username and password.