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LeFever Mattson

LeFever Mattson

  • With RENTmaximizer we have eliminated biases and other subjective factors that might have adversely affected pricing. Now we have solid analytics to make the right adjustments according to our changing objectives and market conditions.

    Mark Bennett, Chief Financial Officer

    The Company

    LeFever Mattson Property Management provides customized and integrated real estate management services for a wide range of residential and commercial properties as well as a broad range of resources for investors and renters.

    The Challenge

    Pricing Without Insight

    LeFever Mattson is a smaller operation without data analysts on staff. Manual rental pricing without insight into its inventory and area markets led LeFever Mattson to seek out an integrated revenue management system to guide smart pricing decisions.

    The Solution

    Yardi RENTmaximizer

    Yardi RENTmaximizer is a dynamic revenue management system designed to maximize rental revenue by targeting the specific goals for each asset, and to optimize performance using real-time traffic, inventory and market conditions. The system provides control through complete visibility into rent movement as well as financial and operational performance, and helps clients know their market.

    The Story

    Transparent, Flexible Pricing

    LeFever Mattson chose Yardi RENTmaximizer for its easy-to-understand pricing built into Voyager. According to Mark Bennett, chief financial officer, “LeFever Mattson is experiencing phenomenal growth. RENTmaximizer has given me confidence and has changed the way we deal with pricing.”

    Bennett further commented that implementing RENTmaximizer was seamless and the ongoing support of the RENTmaximizer team has been excellent. Weekly calls with a dedicated revenue analyst has given its team a deeper understanding of all the factors involved in profitable pricing.

    Bennett added, “There are opportunities for gaining efficiency through technology, and I see Yardi being on the forefront of that, delivering solutions that help make us better operators of the assets entrusted to us.”

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