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Echelon Property Group

Echelon Property Group

  • Yardi RENTmaximizer was the clear choice…it is the only system that is customizable for our needs and makes it easy for our staff to understand what drives our rates.

    Judy Blaes, Senior Vice President

    The Company

    Based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Echelon Property Group is a private real estate firm providing multifamily owners a comprehensive range of real estate services, including property and asset management, renovation, financing and acquisition due diligence.

    The Challenge

    Manual Rental Pricing

    Manual rental pricing created operational challenges and missed opportunities for increasing occupancy and rental revenue growth across Echelon’s portfolio.

    The Solution

    Yardi RENTmaximizer

    Yardi RENTmaximizer is a dynamic revenue management system designed to maximize rental revenue by targeting the specific goals for each asset, and to optimize performance using real-time traffic, inventory, and market conditions. The system provides complete visibility into rent movement, financial and operational performance, and helps clients know their market — including every comp and how they compete. And because it’s built into the mobile Voyager platform, RENTmaximizer can be accessed from smartphones and tablets, using any browser.

    The Story

    Rental Growth Achieved

    When Judy Blaes joined Echelon, her first goal was to review the leading revenue management systems on the market and choose the one that would best help Echelon improve pricing and achieve rental growth. The clear choice for Echelon was Yardi RENTmaximizer — a system that is both customizable and built into Yardi Voyager for drill-down reporting and operational ease. Of further benefit, RENTmaximizer includes a dedicated Yardi revenue analyst. As a result of all these advantages, Echelon has increased occupancy and has achieved rental growth.

    Blaes added, “It’s also fantastic to have input into the further development of RENTmaximizer — Yardi listens to us, and our dedicated revenue analyst has taken time to get to know our staff and understand our goals.”

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