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Arrow Senior Living

Arrow Senior Living

  • With the messaging center there’s better communication between everyone. Residents, family members and care partners can see appointments, medication changes and other important information online.

    Billy House, Wellness Director
  • The care assessements, EHR and accounting processes help us provide transparency for our clients, the seniors and families we serve.

    Ariel Forste, Project DIrector

    The Company

    Arrow Senior Living is an exceptional senior living property management company dedicated to building strong senior communities through a commitment to excellence and innovation in every aspect of senior care. Arrow Senior Living has 13 senior living communities offering independent living, assisted living and memory care.

    The Challenge

    Simple, Scalable Software

    In anticipation of their expansion, as well as the impending influx of Baby Boomer retirees, Arrow Senior Living wanted to simplify recordkeeping and free staff from time-consuming duties so they could spend more time caring for residents. If those objectives were achieved, Arrow Senior Living would be able to automate its business processes, reduce costs and establish a streamlined, replicable model for growth.

    The Solution

    Yardi Senior Living Suite

    The Yardi Senior Living Suite, including Voyager Senior Housing, eMAR and EHR, combines property management with clinical services, and allows senior living managers to view the entire portfolio in a single database business-wide. The platform incorporates senior community marketing, accounting and healthcare in one fully integrated senior living business platform.

    The Story

    Better Communication, Greater Transparency

    Arrow Senior Living adopted the Yardi Senior Living Suite in 2015, and it uses the platform to create improved workflows that include automated tasks and eliminate manual data entry work. Enhanced operational oversight of budgets and spending is a benefit for C-level personnel.

    Exceptional account tracking is a key feature of the Yardi Senior Living Suite. Electronic charting available through Yardi EHR not only eliminates duplicate forms and unnecessary paperwork, it allows Arrow Senior Living to quickly and easily respond to questions from families and loved ones regarding care or billing.

    “I love that EHR reduces paperwork and is so user friendly,” says Billy House, Wellness Director. “My staff can quickly pull information together for who can feel confident they will get the answers they need in a timely fashion.”

    Because caregivers can log into any computer station to input progress notes and check patient status, less time is spent tracking down information. Instead, all care and medication data is available in real-time. Secure mobile access available on tablets and smartphones provides adds another layer of convenience as caregivers trade paper and pen for touchscreens.

    “The ease of being able to log in at any computer or mobile device instead of carrying a notepad full of reminders helps us keep track of what we’re supposed to be doing,” explains House.

    Arrow Senior Living can also keep a close eye on expenses per resident, which ultimately helps reduce costs and better manage the company’s bottom line. With workflow tracking, instant balance sheet updates, and strong audit trails, Arrow Senior Living knows exactly where each dollar is spent and can adjust budgets accordingly. Additionally, staff members can supply in-depth, itemized records to residents or family members requesting details on specific charges or costs. This is frequently important in the senior care realm, where family members are often dealing with multi-payer scenarios for resident accounts.

    “One of the biggest advantages of using Yardi Senior Living is on the accounting side,” explains Ariel Forste, Project Director for Arrow Senior Living. “You can just go to an individual ledger and pull the reports from there instead of pulling mountains of paperwork. It makes life easier for everyone and residents and family members know they’ll get answers in a timely fashion.”

    The integration available with the Yardi Senior Living software suite allows a higher level of detail in all areas. “The care assessments, EHR and accounting processes help us provide transparency for our clients, the seniors and families we serve,” concludes Forste.

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