Resident Screening

Ensure Smarter Rental Decisions

Make screening a seamless part of your Yardi Voyager® leasing workflow, and leverage it with your operating data to ensure you consistently select and retain low-risk residents.

Yardi Resident Screening™, formerly RentGrow, is a proven online tenant screening system that offers comprehensive reports so property managers can make smart rental decisions and minimize risk. You get credit reports from the three major bureaus, plus terrorist, drug trafficker, sex offender, and Social Security fraud screening, rental payment history records, and eviction and landlord/tenant civil court records.

Using the most reliable data available, Yardi Resident Screening eliminates guesswork and provides automated recommendations tailored for your properties to help you select quality residents. The system is customizable for all multifamily property types including conventional, affordable, government, and student housing. For companies in Canada, we offer Yardi Resident Screening for Canada.

Resident Screening

Automate recommendations based on your criteria and help staff work more efficiently. Access the Executive Dashboard and applicant reports on your smartphone.

Product Highlights

  • Confident Screening

    Our solution delivers a reliable screening process to provide your rental staff with clear, consistent direction that supports your business rules. Screening workflow automation provides built-in control and cost savings, and enables your staff to work more efficiently. Decision criteria are tailored for each property in your portfolio, so applicants will always be screened uniformly and according to your objectives.

  • Strategic Advantage

    The tenant screening services and reporting tools included with the system enable property owners and managers to minimize risk and maximize revenue while maintaining compliant, safe, and profitable communities. Resident Screening provides a strategic advantage with management reports and analytics that shed light on your applicant traffic and performance. Experienced consultants are available to further assist in fine-tuning decision criteria to meet your goals. And, one system to manage means fewer steps and ease of use for screening and online leasing.

  • Experian RentBureau Advantage

    Gain a competitive advantage by adding Experian® RentBureau® data to your screening program. Experian RentBureauis the largest and most widely used database of rental payment information and currently includes data on more than 16 million residents nationwide. With Yardi Resident Screening, you can leverage this data to factor applicants’ rental payment history as part of your resident screening decision, which will allow you to accept better quality residents who have a history of paying rent on time.

  • Solution for Independent Rental Owners

    For property management companies and independent rental owners with fewer than 100 units, ScreeningWorks® makes tenant screening easy and can provide you with criminal, credit, and eviction checks. Obtain comprehensive tenant screenings in minutes, and pay as you go. Begin screening applicants with ScreeningWorks today!

Key Features
  • Integrated with entire Voyager leasing cycle, including generation of lease documents
  • Screening and operational data (including resident history data) are combined for smarter business decisions
  • Customizable rules automate consistent rental decisions and improve compliance
  • Strategic analytics and executive reports provide insight into portfolio-wide traffic and screening activity
  • Credit reports from the three major bureaus
  • Terrorist, drug trafficker, sex offender, and Social Security fraud screening
  • Criminal screening using the most accurate national, state, and county databases
  • Advanced criminal screening option frees your site staff from deciphering and interpreting lists of complex criminal records
  • Eviction/landlord and tenant civil court records provides an additional level of information and protection
  • Integration with Experian RentBureau incorporates rental payment history
  • Ability to easily email FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) Adverse Action letters

Additional services include business profile reports.

Key Benefits
  • Reduces loss from collections, evictions, and legal action
  • Automates consistent decisions and improves compliance with customizable rules
  • Increases ease of use with one integrated system and simplified online leasing workflow
  • Leverages resident history data in Voyager for better business intelligence