Commercial LeasingPad

Tablet Based Solution

Shorten the leasing lifecycle and drive greater efficiency with a fully mobile solution that combines contact and prospect management with portfolio health analytics and business intelligence.

Yardi Commercial LeasingPad is an easy-to-use, tablet-based solution that leverages the Yardi Voyager® platform and Microsoft® Outlook to provide property managers and leasing agents with mobile access to real-time prospect, tenant, and property information. Yardi Commercial LeasingPad eliminates duplicate data entry by automating the leasing process from lead generation through proposal creation and lease execution, and delivers a 360° view into all leasing and property management activities.

Product Highlights


  • Streamlined Leasing

    Yardi Commercial LeasingPad provides a holistic view of your prospects and customers that leads to better business decisions. The solution automatically tracks leads from your tenant portal, and reduces the time needed to close deals by streamlining the leasing process through document generation and automated workflows. Tight integration with Outlook means you can access all CRM data from within Outlook, which saves time and increases efficiency.

  • Increased Productivity

    Improve the efficiency of your staff with Yardi Commercial LeasingPad as the hub for all day-to-day activities for both leasing agents and management.
    Yardi Commercial LeasingPad puts leasing data at your agents’ fingertips in an easy-to-use interface with role-specific dashboards and data drilldown. When integrated with Yardi Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting, Yardi Commercial LeasingPad helps eliminate the need to create speculative leases or market leasing assumptions on deals.

  • Mobile Leasing

    For leasing agents and property managers, LeasingPad provides an easy-to-use workflow that walks them step-by-step through a new deal or a lease renewal and helps reduce cycle times from lead to lease. All screens and functions are formatted for use on a tablet, enabling managers to respond quickly and accurately to prospects by utilizing easy to access information regarding space availability, restrictive lease clauses, budgets and market rent data. Proposals and counter proposals, approvals, and lease documentation can be efficiently produced and distributed and full integration with Outlook means communication, activity and event tracking is easy and accurate.

  • Mobile Tenant Relations

    For property managers and asset managers, maintaining property health and tenant relations is a number one priority. LeasingPad provides mobile access to real-time lease terms, documents, and communications through their favorite tablet device and provides mobile access to their CRM and property management data. Improving the efficiency of customer-facing staff by providing remote access to contact, task, and account information and analytics, LeasingPad also enables instant visibility into unit availability to help make better decisions on tenant retention, mix and profitability.

Key Features
  • Leasing agent dashboard for easy navigation to prospects and customers
  • Record of all email and other activity related to leasing and renewals
  • Deal “wizards” for quick data entry
  • Pipeline reporting and analytics
  • Outlook integration for email, contacts, and calendar items
  • Marketing brochures, mass emails, and campaign management
  • Tenant portal integration for real-time availability and document sharing
Key Benefits
  • Enhances lead-to-lease process efficiencies and greatly reduces cycle times
  • Delivers visibility into all leasing activities, opportunities and deals
  • Enhances collaboration between key stakeholders, colleagues, and prospects
  • Provides more accurate and timely forecasting of revenue
  • Drives workforce efficiency by delivering mobile solutions to a mobile workforce