Advanced Maintenance

Comprehensive Solution

Manage all your preventative and ad hoc maintenance tasks from any device. When you license Yardi Advanced Maintenance™, you receive several additional products for managing your assets, at no extra cost, including Yardi Maintenance™, Yardi Inspection™, Yardi Fixed Assets™ and Yardi Inventory Control.™

Yardi Advanced Maintenance is the solution for all types of residential and commercial real estate including, but not limited to, multifamily, affordable, senior, military, condominium, HOA, retail, office, and industrial properties.

Facilities Manager App

Product Highlights

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Management

    Yardi Advanced Maintenance is your solution for complete scheduling, tracking and management of asset maintenance from your desktop or mobile device. You can schedule  preventative, routine and emergency maintenance tasks. A location tracking feature allows you to match technicians with tasks, ensuring rapid response to emergency requests. Inventory consumption in the maintenance process is automatically tracked and recorded in Yardi Voyager.®

  • Maintenance Manager Mobile

    Yardi Advanced Maintenance includes the Yardi Maintenance Manager Mobile™ app which helps you save time, boost efficiency and increase tenant and resident satisfaction by taking your maintenance workflow mobile. Maintenance managers can easily track technicians, assign work orders and manage their maintenance tasks from an Android™ Tablet or iPad.®

  • Facilities Manager

    Yardi Facilities Manager is a browser-agnostic interface optimized for tablets that allows facility and property managers to display key information about maintenance operations and perform common tasks via intuitive, customizable dashboards and workflows.

Key Features

  • Full planning and scheduling of maintenance tasks
  • Complete history of work orders
  • Automatic tracking of inventory consumption
  • Complete history of all fixed assets

Key Benefits

  • Fewer equipment breakdowns with preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Fast response to maintenance requests with mobile access
  • Oversight of maintenance personnel with location tracker
  • Graphical display of key performance indicators